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Tips and Help with BlackBerry Voice Commands



Voice Command can be a really annoying feature when it gets activated accidentally, but it’s also very helpful whenever you need some hands-free dialing. Voice dialing isn’t the only thing you can do with it though. Other commands include:

Call Extension” will call a specific extension.
Call [Contact Name] Home” will call the contact at their home number.
Check Battery” will check the battery status.
Check Signal” will let you know the strength of your wireless signal and whether or not you have “No Signal”, “Low Signal”, “High Signal” or “Very High Signal”.
Turn Off Voice Prompts” will turn off the “Say a command” voice and replace it with a simple beep.
Turn On Voice Prompts” turns the friendly voice back on.
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BlackBerry Slow? Basic Tips to Make Your BlackBerry Run Faster



You may find your BlackBerry running slowly and often times this can be resolved with a few simple steps. I’ve taken the time to write out these tips that should get your BlackBerry back up to speed. Remember, your BlackBerry is more like a computer than a phone, and it needs similar best practices for memory management and performance.
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Troubleshooting Your BlackBerry Data Connection



BlackBerry outages are a real frustration but sometimes there isn’t an outage and your data connection may be malfunctioning. With the help of the good folks at Made Simple Learning, I’ve put together some tips to help resolve your BlackBerry data connection. Use this guide when you aren’t able to use data and you haven’t seen any outage posts in the blogs.
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Kathy Buckworth shares some BlackBerry parenting tips


The BlackBerry Diaries

Kathy Buckworth has a book coming out that BlackBerry moms are sure to love. Traveling and taking care of her two young ones (and 2 teenagers) over the years, Kathy has compiled a host of tips and tricks for keeping the kids entertained and staying organized as a busy mother. Her book, The BlackBerry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood, is a funny tale of how a mother of two and technology meet.

Here are some of Kathy’s tips for BlackBerry moms:

What to do during down time:

  • Organize your ToDo list (make sure to get that pedicure on there!)
  • Check the traffic on your local news station’s website (shortest route to take screaming kids is a good thing)
  • Investigate the hottest BlackBerry applications on BlackBerry World (a new game, a calorie counter, you never know)
  • Send a text or email to your teen to remind them of their chores. Cybernagging at its best.
  • Google where to buy those specific dance tights. The show is tomorrow – put it in your calendar!

Some random examples of how your BlackBerry can help with parenting:

  • Using the soft glow of your BlackBerry screen to check on a sleeping baby without waking them up. Shhhh!
  • Downloading the Flashlight app is a huge help in entertaining the kids during a power outage.

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BlackBerry Messenger can help your small business stay organized


BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

I have been using BlackBerry Messenger for some time now to organize projects around the office, and I have to say, it is providing some serious competition to my previous solution, Basecamp by 37signals. With the latest updates to BBM, the BlackBerry is an even better tool for SMB (Small to Medium Business).

While BBM doesn’t have all the functionality that Basecamp provides, it does address some core features and it is a solid platform on which to collaborate. Here is a quick guide to using BlackBerry Messenger to run your small business:

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The BlackBerry Curve 8520 setup guide and tips and tricks



Congratulations on buying your BlackBerry Curve 8520! Now you might be wondering what to do with your new phone. I’ll take you walk you through the basic features of your device and what you can do with it. BlackBerry is a powerful platform and if this is your first smartphone, your going to be amazed at what it can do.
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