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How To Fly Business Class for Coach Prices


How to fly Business Class for Coach prices:

1) Buy a bulkhead or emergency aisle seat.
2) Order juice or pop and spike it with duty free liquor.
3) Tip your flight attendant and tell them to keep the mix coming.

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How to Side Load PlayBook Apps (Windows Only)


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RIM seems to be going the way of Apple in some respects by forcing all PlayBook downloads to go through App World. For developers and users who want to get the apps on their PlayBook without using App World, there’s a side loading process that should help you out. The following guide comes courtesy of CMY in the Support Forums, who has been gracious to type up some instructions and distribute a .bat file you’ll need. Click through for the guide. Remember, this is only for Windows.
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BlackBerry Tip: homescreen and browser efficiency


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The menus within the BlackBerry OS can be a little overwhelming to some users, but once you start exploring these options you can tweak many settings and make your device more intuitive.

Homescreen Setup

Organizing your top six icons based on your most used apps is simple and effective. If you use the memory cleaner often (which you should) then enabling the home screen icon will save you from digging through the menus to get to it.

Options> security options>memory cleaning>enable, then switch the show home screen icon option to yes.

Make sure to aggregate all your web content into a single RSS reader so you don’t have to go clicking around. Similarly there are a few weather applications available that include homescreen icons which will let you view current conditions with a single glance at your screen.
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How to increase your typing speed with BlackBerry Autotext


It’s Monday and you’ve got a long week ahead of you. The economy is in shambles but it’s in hard times that one’s true character shows. So now it’s time to start pumping out emails like never before. To do this, Nan has written a simple guide to using BlackBerry Autotext.

One way I have found to triple the speed of my typing is by adding words to my autotext. Here is how to add words and shortcuts as well as a list that I currently am using. Do you have some good ones that I should know about? Please share in the comments!

To access autotext, go to Options (usually wrench icon) > Autotext > New

pls = please

ty = thank you

gm = good morning

gn = good night

xmas = Christmas

mp = my pleasure

yw = you’re welcome

sa = San Antonio

bb = BlackBerry

hb = happy birthday

Thanks Nan!

[Via Nan Palmero | BlackBerry Power User]