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TiVo Release Analytics About BlackBerry Marketing vs Palm



According to a recent study by TiVo of its users, Palm ads were skipped over less often than BlackBerry ads. Palm ads were less skipped overall in households with incomes over $150,000, and they were also shorter. Around 97% of Palm ads ran for about 15 seconds, and they logged 30% less fast-forwarding than 30 second ads.
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RIM and TiVo partner to launch free TiVo application



RIM and TiVo have launched a free application, that lets TiVo customers who are BlackBerry users, interact with their programming guides and recordings.

The app, currently available on App World, will let you browse shows by category, view the most popular shows or daily picks and see the programming details, such as title, description, runtime, and airdate and time. Additionally, the BlackBerry device can easily be used to set a TiVo to record shows.

If you’re looking for a walk through of the program, check out Inside BlackBerry where they have posted about the application in more detail.