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RIM prepping BlackBerry support for Nokia devices


Back in July we reported that Nokia was keeping RIM’s lagging BlackBerry Connect service off future Nokia devices. Word had now come from Nokia’s Tom Furlong, head of Nokia Messaging, that RIM is taking matters into its own hands.

However, Furlong also left us with this little statement, ‘We are in the interim period of time when we have dropped support ourselves, and Blackberry is readying support for their service on Nokia devices‘, meaning that enterprise S60 lovers will (hopefully) soon be able to enjoy BlackBerry services on their Eseries (and hopefully others) once again.

While we don’t have any way yet of confirming this, it’s safe to assume that what Furlong is talking about RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry Application Suite, which will surely drive the last nail in BB Connect’s coffin.

|via Symbian-Guru|