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Mike Lazaridis Keynote: The Introduction of BBX and the Future of BlackBerry


Lazaridis took the stage to kick off DevCon with a keynote that started off talking about the growth of the platform. He talked about the increase in subscriber base, BBM users and the benefits of being a developer for the BlackBerry platform. Some of the numbers include 70 million subscribers, 25 million downloads of BBM apps (foursquare had 200,000 downloads in one day) and something like 80 million BBM users. The biggest announcement so far is the introduction of BBX, the combination of QNX and BlackBerry.
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5 Products That Would Be Awesome If Branded BlackBerry


Cool CTV video showing some of the ways QNX can be used other than PlayBook.

You really get the feeling a new age is dawning with RIM. With the acquisitions of QNX, TAT and Torch Mobile, there’s a lot of potential on the horizon. Also, consumers are demanding a lot more than just smartphones and RIM’s first foray into the tablet market shows its willingness to enter relatively new markets. Companies like Apple and Google are well diversified in the products they offer, and RIM still seems like a bit of a one trick pony. But if RIM were to enter more markets with the BlackBerry brand, here are 5 we would love to see:
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Job posting confirms WebKit browser for BlackBerry in development



When we first saw the news that RIM purchased Torch Mobile, and they would have access to the Webkit open source code, it was somewhat officially confirmed that a WebKit browser was in development.

Well now we have more proof that this browser is in development as RIM has posted a job on LinkedIn, looking for someone with “expert knowledge in C++ programming.” According to the post, “the successful candidate will be working in a fast-paced, dynamic development environment to develop a WebKit-based browser for the BlackBerry Platform.”

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What does RIM’s Torch Mobile acquisition mean for Opera Mini?



Recently, RIM acquired Torch Mobile in a move that made their plans to update the native BlackBerry Browser public. This is leaving BlackBerry users wondering how third party browsers such as Opera, will compete.

Dennis Bournique of WAPReview has some great insight into this acquisition and what it means for Opera. While it is great that BlackBerry will be updating their browser, there is always room for improvement and this is where third party browsers such as Opera Mini will always be complementary to the BlackBerry platform.

First of all, Opera has consistently built what I consider to be better mobile browsers than any of the Webkit implementations. For example, I have never seen a Webkit based mobile browser where the cache worked properly, pressing the “Back” button always seems to reload the page, wasting time and network resources. The Webkit based browsers I have used also generally did not have a fit to width option and dedicated page up and page down keys, features that are standard on Opera browsers and are critical to browsing effectively on mobile. Opera mobile browsers also tend to be faster than Webkit based ones. Opera Turbo, which combines the speed of server assisted browsing with the security of the end to end encryption provided by direct browsing, will raise the bar even higher. I expect that Opera will continue to offer better alternative browsers on all platforms and by doing so will be able to monetize the various Opera products effectively with sales and search engine deals.

I highly recommend reading WAPReview’s take on the Torch Mobile acquisition.

RIM acquires Torch Mobile and confirms new browser plans



While RIM’s newsroom hasn’t yet confirmed the deal, Torch Mobile’s site has already posted the news that they have been acquired by RIM.

Torch Mobile is the company that makes the WebKit-based browser Iris.

While RIM has been getting a lot of criticism regarding their browser, a WebKit-based browser could go a long way towards appeasing consumers and rounding out the whole BlackBerry experience.

So when is this happening? If BlackBerry Cool had to guess, it will come with the next generation devices, which will arrive in fall of 2010.