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WWTO July 2014: Bionik Laboratories ARKE Exoskeleton, eSight, SENSIMAT & Lynxio


If you’re in Toronto tomorrow, check out the We Are Wearables event. The theme of tomorrow’s meetup will be the potential of wearable technology to augment our physical capabilities. The companies presenting include Bionik Laboratories (The ARKE Exoskeleton), eSight Eyewear, SENSIMAT, Lynxio and Sensassure.

I wonder if any of these companies will be competing in the 2016 Cybathlon. The Swiss competition will have exoskeleton, powered wheelchair and even brain interface races.

Check out this Meetup link for more details on WWTO tomorrow.

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iamSICK.ca App for BlackBerry 10 Helps You Find Healthcare Providers


Recently, we were chatting with Bitmaker Labs, a programming and technology bootcamp based in Toronto about some of the apps alumni have made. Going through the list, we found a BlackBerry 10 app worth mentioning called iamSICK.ca. The app helps you find a healthcare provider in Ontario, giving you some nice options for clinics, ER, and Urgent Care providers.
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BlackBerry 10 Launches, RIM now called BlackBerry


RIM CFO Brian Bidulka and Managing Director Andrew MacLeod take the stage to kick off the Toronto launch event.
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BlackBerry 10 Launch Announcement Toronto


I’m here at the press-saturated BlackBerry 10 launch event in Toronto. I’ve been to several device launch events in the past and none have come close to the scale and scope of this announcement.
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BlackBerry 10 Launch Coverage From Both New York and Toronto


We’re going to have people on the ground at both the New York and Toronto BlackBerry 10 launch events so stay tuned for some great coverage. We’re not exactly sure if the two events will be the same or have different content, but we’ll have both covered regardless. If we had to guess, the Toronto event might be a little more “corporate” with RIM executives on hand, and the New York event would probably be more carrier and partner centric, with execs from AT&T being present. We’ll find out in 12 days.
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Register Today for the Ottawa Game Conference and Get 20% Off


The Ottawa Game Conference is a great event for those in the Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa regions who are in the gaming industry. There’s a lot of content around mobile gaming, and RIM’s Patrick Mollins will be doing a talk called “Back Seat Gaming” on the conference’s biz track. The conference organizers are giving BlackBerryCool readers 20% off the ticket price so if you’re in the area, stop by and learn a thing or two.
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