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The BlackBerry Partners Fund Leads $2M Seed Investment in Fuse Powered Inc.


blackberry partners fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has been really active over the years creating funds for companies in fields related to the BlackBerry platform. Whether these companies are directly building products for BlackBerry or in markets that RIM could take advantage of, the Partners Fund has been there to seed companies through initial development. Recently, the Partners Fund lead a $2M seed investment in Fuse Powered Inc.. Fuse is an interesting company that publishes digital mobile games.

The mobile gaming space is growing rapidly but will it ever become like the console publishing business? The problem with mobile gaming is that you’re forever constrained by the fact that the price for a mobile game has been set at $2. Console games will run you $60 and therefore can do a lot more. The mobile space has the potential to be more powerful than console gaming, but it’s going to take a lot to get the market to shift to a price point that is conducive of a strong business.

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Google Eyes Canadian Startups and Tech Entrepreneurs


Being at RIM’s doorstep has helped the developer community in Southern Ontario grow tremendously. Smaller companies and startups have been setting up offices nearby that have given rise to a strong support network of startups, mobile developers and entrepreneurs.

In the past year, Google has spent over $100 million dollars acquiring a handful of Canadian tech startups.

With acquisitions in the gaming, content distribution and payment, Google’s Waterloo offices have grown with a strong mobile focus. Here are a few of the recent additions:

Social Deck is a social gaming platform that specializes in content discovery, distribution and monetization.

PushLife is a cross-platform digital content management and distribution system for mobile.

Zetawire developed their own mobile banking advertizing technology, identity management, credit card and mobile coupon transaction processing.

It’s interesting to see what catch-up moves Google is making in growing it’s mobile business. Tapping a competitor’s developer ecosystem is becoming a bit easier now that mobile developers are developing for multiple platforms. I’m not surprised that Google is paying close attention to the innovative yet underrated Canadian Tech sector.

BlackBerry App World to Receive an “Update All” Feature – Would You Use It?


blackberry app update

An “Update All” feature would be interesting for App World as it would allow you to update all your applications with a single click. Currently, you can do this by plugging in your device to your computer by USB, but the over-the-air version would allow you to do it on the go. The only problem with this feature is that App World still cripples your device when you update an application. A single app update leaves the clock on your homescreen spinning and one can only imagine what would happen if the device had to update 10 applications at once.

This upcoming feature comes in a somewhat rumor form from MobileMonday in Toronto.

An Overview of OS 6.1, Next Generation of Super Apps, BlackBerry Platform Development and More


BlackBerry OS Roadmap
BlackBerry Application Development Roadmap

At the BlackBerry Developer Day RIM had several slides for developers that did everything from outline the BlackBerry Platform at large, to some specifics about OS 6.1 and the roadmap for 2011. From the slides, we can see that RIM sees the next generation (read OS 6.1) of apps will leverage the following:

  • Super App status
  • BBM Social Platform
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Enhanced Map APIs
  • Barcode APIs

It’s great that RIM is opening up these APIs and features because they will not only complement existing apps, but some developers will find ways of using 1 or 2 of these features to create an excellent app for the BlackBerry Platform. Click through for more slides and info you may have missed.
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RIM to Present PlayBook and Developer Programs at MobileMonday Toronto



MobileMonday is a very relevant tech industry event that began with some Nokia employees in Helsinki, Finland in 2000, and has grown to over 100 chapters cities worldwide. Tonight, RIM is presenting at Toronto’s MobileMonday, and Tyler Lessard, VP BlackBerry Global Alliances and Developer Relations, will take the stage to talk about the Playbook, ecosystems, and developer programs for business professionals and developers. There will be RIM employees from the Developer Relations team as well as Roger’s Catalyst team on hand with presentation booths to answer questions attendees may have.
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What Did You Think of the BlackBerry Developer Day?


Photo by @DamianMcCabe

The BlackBerry Developer Days have been going on across North America and they’re a chance for developers to attend and learn more about the BlackBerry platform. I attended the event in Toronto as a developer and media weren’t allowed to attend. Therefore, I can’t write about my own experience. But what I can do is interview my friends in attendance and ask them what they thought. Sweet loophole, bro.

I asked BlackBerryCool contributor and good friend Jeff Bacon who was in attendance if he could provide a little insight about what it was like at the BlackBerry Developer Day. He had this to say:
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