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BlackBerry Thunder media player shots surface


BlackBerry Thunder

We might have caught a glimpse at the BlackBerry Thunder, but we’ve got a bit more eye candy, and is it looking slick, or what? The shots look like they came from a document detailing some of the OS 4.7 multimedia functions of the unreleased touchscreen BlackBerry due out sometime before Christmas for CDMA carriers. The BlackBerry Thunder will apparently be packing a glass 360 x 480 screen, which seems like more than enough for full videos. The media player will also feature carrier music stores, which would be a great way to grab tunes wirelessly to your device. When recording video, you’ll be able to preview the whole thing in landscape mode, too. Not too shabby at all.

The touchscreen has been a point of contention, both among handheld users as well as RIM’s execs, but one way or the other, there’s a market for touch devices, and with the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM is clearly on board. Between the flip BlackBerry Kickstart, the Curve-style BlackBerry Javelin, the upcoming Bold, and now the BlackBerry Thunder, it’s clear that there’s a wide array of tastes BlackBerrys can reach out to. So, who’s salivating?

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A second BlackBerry Thunder pic after the jump!

BlackBerry Thunder Update: tons of network support, no hope for N.A. unlocking


Verizon BlackBerry Thunder

The Boy Genius continues to filter through the black swamp of tech rumors to deliver us the goods, this time with an update for the BlackBerry Thunder, the exclusive touch screen BlackBerry for Verizon he broke news of during WES.

A few things stand out: first, the Thunder will not have an external microSD slot, meaning you’re going to have to pop the battery to access it, as if it were a BlackBerry Curve. Once you’ve popped that battery, however, you’ll see a SIM card sitting next to it. BG has also heard that the BlackBerry will support CDMA 1x, EV-DO, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA, making it a very slick hybrid device. Of course, North American readers can forget about unlocking it for use on, say, AT&T: like the BlackBerry 8830, the Thunder will only use CDMA coverage while inside the great US of A — which doesn’t matter much seeing as the BlackBerry will only support the international 900/1800MHz bands with 2100MHz WCDMA band anyways.

BG is still saying Q3 release this year for the Thunder. We keep you in the know as more information develops.

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First Real BlackBerry Thunder Pic, Boy Genius Spot On


Verizon BlackBerry Thunder

BG has done it again, leaking another exclusive picture of a nascent BlackBerry. This time, it’s the BlackBerry Thunder, which Boy Genius tells us is a dual mode (EV-DO Rev. C and GSM HSPA for international travel) touchscreen BlackBerry coming exclusively to Verizon Q3 of this year. Although it’s a mock-up, BG wouldn’t post it unless it was legit. Also, surprise surpise, it looks exactly like the one BG furnished when he originally broke the story during WES — it’s almost like he knew.

Post a comment and tell us what you think of the words touchscreen and BlackBerry being wrapped together in one nice, neat little package.

(via BoyGenius Report)

Questionable picture of touchscreen BlackBerry sends bloggers into tizzy


BlackBerry 9500Horizon Wireless recently opened up preorders for the BlackBerry 9500 “Thunder”, a device which hasn’t even been announced yet, and yeah, we’ve been hearing about a touchscreen BlackBerry for a couple of eons now, but this is the first even vaguely solid evidence to date. The picture is extra-blurred, and covered in the Horizon logo, so there’s really not much there to comment on… Blogworthiness aside, RIM did give Horizon the legal backhand to remove the pictures, so you gotta think there was some legitimacy to the snap after all. Supposedly the shots were of a dummy version (i.e. just the housing), so more info is sure to come once it gets some guts. Cheers Chris!

Lazaridis bashes touchscreens


Finger-touchyFolks were quick to point out the iPhone-esque bezel on the BlackBerry Bold, but RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis was equally quick to condemn those nay-sayers to an infernal pit of shame.

This is three years in the making. So I’m sorry but this wasn’t a response to another device. Either that or we have a time machine somewhere, or some kind of magic crystal ball or something. This was actually designed three years ago and the actual physical design of this product–I have the original models from 2006. … We have to be realistic about the history of [touchscreen] technology. We have to remember that this is not new–this has been done, this has been tried before. And there are other ways to provide a large screen and a Qwerty keyboard without compromising them by putting one on top of the other.

Of course, it might be a little trickier to say the same if the rumoured touchscreen Thunder comes to light, but then again, it does hint that if a touchscreen is in BlackBerry’s future, it won’t be in the way that the iPhone has established. It seems much more likely that a Treo-style keypad/touchscreen combo would happen before an iClone did.

So long as we’re talking about Mikey, there was another interview with the big kahuna at WES regarding his fave BlackBerry apps, which included Viigo, the top RSS reader for your BlackBerry… Pick it up! Cheers, Giz!

Touchscreen BlackBerry codenamed Thunder?


TouchBwuh? No tactile keypad, just four buttons and a bigass touchscreen? The patents don’t lie for a change, and a recent interview with co-CEO Jim Balsillie would indicate that a touchscreen is in RIM’s potential future. It’s supposedly going to be a dual-mode device (EV-DO rev. C, and HSPA) and launching internationally, exclusively on Verizon and Vodafone. Now, this thing is still in its extremely early stages, so plenty can change, but still an exciting prospect, especially considering BG is probably at WES talking to someone who knows a thing or two about the project.