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RIM patents touchscreen LCD


ZDNet has discovered that RIM has patented a form of touchscreen LCD. The patent, titled System and Method for Integrating A Touchscreen Within an LCD, describes “a touchscreen which is integrated into an LCD” in more detail than you can shake a stick at. The technology works primarily by detecting displacement of liquid crystal in a display and sending information based on that movement. ZDNet author Russell Shaw pointed out that the patent was published only four months after being filed rather than the usual 18, a very good indicator that the technology will be used soon. The rumors about a touchscreen for the BlackBerry 9000 have been mostly quashed, so it remains to be seen what device the technology will be used in.

Weekly Contest: The New Year


New Year hatObviously the BlackBerry 8900 is the biggest thing on our minds right now, but there’s still a lot of 2008 to look forward to, and if the rumors of a May release are to believed, that leaves plenty of room for a few more devices. It’s been said by a RIM exec that we can expect four to five new BlackBerrys this year, so your mission this week is to name ‘em. Maybe a touchscreen is still in the cards…? Maybe we’ll see an 8910 before the year’s out, but what would it have, if it’s already got Wi-Fi and GPS? Maybe the 8300 and 8100 series will see a next generation upgrade like the 8800? Make a solid case for the upcoming BlackBerry lineup, and win a copy of the fine BlackBerry music-player, FlipSide, now featuring Last.fm support.

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Weekly Contest: BlackBerry 8900 Unveiled


BlackBerry 8900Over the holidays we got our first hard and fast looks at the next generation of BlackBerry, resulting in mixed reactions from the lack of touchscreen. Ever since the iPhone was announced, there was plenty of buzz at the prospect of a touchscreen BlackBerry to compete, but little hard evidence to suggest it would be coming coming right away. So, we’re looking at at least a device or two out of RIM before touchscreen BlackBerrys see the light of day, but that hardly detracts from the specs we’ve seen so far. By all means, this device, which we’re going to call the 8900 until something a little more official pops up, is very much the all-in-one that many existing users have been clamoring for: camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a full QWERTY keypad all under one roof. Nice, but is it really a big deal? A touchscreen would have been downright revolutionary for the generally traditional BlackBerry, and now that it’s been nixed until at least the next device.

This week we’re asking: is this new BlackBerry a disappointment? Is it just enough of an improvement to get your excited? Given, it’s hard to tell without having the thing in your hands, but the important details are now there and in the open. We can expect a few OS improvements, but will that be enough to really give the 8900 the wow-factor it might currently be lacking? Post with your ideas on the 8900’s impact, what it could do to really bust onto the scene in style, and other first impressions to win a free skin from DecalGirl, which is now supporting skins for the BlackBerry 8130 as well as the old Pearl and Curve.

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BlackBerry 9000 to be EDGE-only?


BlackBerry 9000Okay, you can drop the booing and hissing, we know it would suck, but it’s all gossip until the thing comes out. Keep in mind that this is just for the first iteration of the series, the BlackBerry 9000, and that the previously-rumored 9100 should still have 3G. Outside of that, the rumors are also telling us the 9000 will be packing quad-band GSM/GPRS, QWERTY keyboard, support a, g and b flavours of Wi-Fi, and a 480 x 320 screen like the 9100. Nothing’s been said for sure about a touchscreen, and I’m partial to the idea that it’s just wishful thinking on a lot of people’s parts.

BlackBerry 9000 specs leaked


9000Oh, Boy Genius. What would we do without you? The 9100 will purportedly be carrying a 480 x 320 screen, a 624MHz processor, 1GB of on-board memory, GPS, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera and be running on sweet, sweet 3G HSDPA. Hawt? Yes. You guys who have been clamouring for an all-in-one device? This sounds like it.

At least OS 4.3 will be on there (if not some mysterious new next-gen software), which means video recording and all the other features we’re seeing on recent BlackBerrys will be on the 9100. As for the keypad, you’ve got to wonder where it’s going to go, what with the screen being on par with the iPhone’s resolution. Yeah, there’s a lot of noise about a touchscreen device, but unless RIM has the cajones to say they can do the touchscreen keypad better than Apple, I think a slider format is a much more likely move. If they’re feeling kinky, maybe that roll-out keypad will see the light of day. Camerawise, there’s no upgrade planned, maybe since they stepped down from the Pearl 2’s initial 3.2 megapixels and didn’t want to disappoint again, but there’s still plenty of time for things to change. As for a release date, BG is sticking to his early ’08 forecast, but as ever, that remains in the wonderful and exciting Land of Rumors.

The BlackBerry 9000?


BlackBerry 9000BGR has acquired some info on the next big leap for BlackBerry, along with this concept shot of a touchscreened prototype. 3G of the HSDPA variety with a 600mhz processor to handle all that data are both rumored to be a part of the package. On top of that, the new BlackBerry will let you backup and restore right from the microSD card. No more Desktop Manager when switching devices, just swap your card and you’re good to go. The Genius speculates an early ’08 release for this beauty, and for the sake of getting our grubby mitts on one, we hope he’s right.