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Self Defense tower defense game for BlackBerry



Bplay has just launched a new tower defense game called Self Defense.

In Self Defense, the goal is a basic tower defense format where you use towers that are carefully placed in order to combat a variety of enemies. While I haven’t yet played the game, I already like the cartoon theme that reminds me of the board game Operation.

A cool feature to the game is that if you unlock 16 levels of play, you’ll get access to a random level generator, so you can get almost infinite replay value.

Purchase this tower defense game Self Defense for $2.99.


BlackBerry Storm tower defense game Field Towers


Field Towers is the first tower defense game for the BlackBerry Storm. The point of the game is to Control the field and stop the waves of attacking enemies. Place upgradeable towers around the field and try your best strategies to stop wave after wave of invading enemies.


  • Endlessly replayable as you try different strategies and challenges.
  • Automatically saves your game on exit.
  • Countless hours of entertainment.

Purchase Field Towers for the BlackBerry Storm for $4.99.