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Track Email and Gain Insight With ContactMonkey Bridge Plugin


ContactMonkey is the startup that recently brought a simple way to share your contact information via an email signature. The idea is brilliant in that it allows you to provide someone with a single landing page, formatted for mobile, that you can share and have all your details downloaded. The company’s latest product is the Bridge Plugin and it allows you to track who is opening your emails as well as view analytics around who you’re emailing most and when.
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Senomix Timesheets App for BlackBerry with Time Tracking Features


time tracking app

Senomix Timesheets is a time tracking app that connects over the internet to a server program running on an office’s own network. Once time tracking information is saved from a BlackBerry, it is then available to assist in billing and project management from any Windows or Mac OS X computer. Features include:

  • Full weekly timesheets
  • Automatic stopwatch
  • Connectivity to Windows and Mac OS X
  • No synchronization, e-mail or SMS messages required
  • Time is entered on your BlackBerry® and saved on your office server.

Timesheets is available on a free trial and it’s available on a variety of pricing schemes which can be viewed here.

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Protect compromised BlackBerry devices with Computrace


Paris Hilton BlackBerry

Celebrities are always losing their devices. From Paris Hilton losing her BlackBerry, to Kevin Bacon getting his stolen. These celebs have information that is valuable to gossip rags and incredibly private.

Absolute Software, can prevent situations like Paris Hilton’s from escalating into data and identity theft with its product Computrace Mobile. Computrace Mobile can not only help retrieve BlackBerry devices, it can also remote data delete the device ensuring your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Features of Computrace include:

  • Track and recover lost or stolen devices.
  • Detect unauthorized software such as file sharing applications.
  • Monitor changes to hardware and location (IP address, GPS).
  • Remotely delete data and see which files have been accessed.

For more information, see Absolute Software’s Computrace site.


BlackBerry GPS app keeps executives safe from kidnapping



For me, BlackBerry has always been the device with the potential to be a part of a Johnny Mnemonic future where private data and IP are the most valuable assets in society. The device can already keep your voice and data at President levels of security, and now it can also keep executives safe.

Take for example, New York-based BrickHouse Security which has launched Executrac, mobile GPS tracking software. It is an invisible application that turns any BlackBerry into a covert GPS tracker with an emergency panic button.

The $19.95-a-month application is so covert that it can be deployed wirelessly in seconds to thousands of company-owned BlackBerrys unbeknownst to the user, or the user’s kidnappers

The company is recommending the app to journalists and executives who travel to dangerous areas. In such places, BrickHouse says the only chance a remote traveler has is to push a panic button to secretly and send a emergency signal with their exact GPS location to the people they trust to send help. It’s like a safety net for those who otherwise wouldn’t have any other recourse.

The tracking is accurate to within five to 15 meters, and the software starts working within nine seconds of being turned on. Over 24 hours, the app uses less than 15 percent of a BlackBerry’s battery.



Free GPS tracking app for BlackBerry LiveTracker updated



LiveTracker Beta is a free GPS tracking app and it has recently been updated to internal version number: 0.1.6. This versions solves some minor issues of the previous beta but has no functionality changes.

Download your FREE copy of LiveTracker Beta.

After you installed the application, just start LiveTracker and it will start searching for GPS location fixes. There is also a “share location” option in the program’s menu where you can share your current location with your friends.

The makers of LiveTracker, SkyLab Mobile Systems, also offer a free maps program called TopoExplorer.


Free GPS tracking app for BlackBerry



LiveTracker is a free application for BlackBerry that is currently in the BETA stage. The LiveTracker mobile client can be installed on any BlackBerry and sends out location data to the Skylab GPS server. This app could be really useful for anyone interested in a cheap way to get involved in geocaching. Try it out and let me know what you think.


  • Free Download: LiveTracker Mobile is available for free non-commercial use – download.
  • Background Tracking: Start LiveTracker and it sends the GPS location to our tracking server.
  • Free Tracking Server: For storing tracking data we maintain a tracking server – for free.
  • Share Location: Send EMail, PIN, SMS, MMS message to your location’s map representation.
  • BETA TEST: Due to the early stage of this application please report any bugs to us. Thank you.

Download your free copy of LiveTracker here.