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Free Fantasy Day Trader App is Equity Entertainment


Fantasy Day Trader is an app by JAK Enterprises that puts you in the position of a pro trader. With all the features of a live trading app, it has live quotes from more than 175 exchanges, commodities, currencies, indexes and mutual funds.
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OANDA Launches Forex Trading App for BlackBerry


OANADA Forex Trading App

OANDA has launched a new forex trading app for BlackBerry. OANDA’s trade platform was voted “Best Trading Platform” by World Finance in 2009 and the new app is the company’s 4th mobile trading application. It gives FXTrade customers full trading functionality so they can enjoy the benefits of trading with OANDA anywhere, on the fly, from their BlackBerry.
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App World enters French and European market despite legal issues



Simon picked up the story that RIM VP Jeff McDowell confirmed App World will be hitting France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, this month, with Brazil and India next on the list.

Congratulations to RIM legal for entering the French market, which is a relatively difficult market to enter. The US Commerical Service has echoed this sentiment, and it has portrayed the French market in a way that could be deemed isolationist.

“Enforcement of complex technical standards and lengthy testing procedures sometimes appears to exceed reasonable requirement levels needed to assure proper performance and safety, for example in the areas of electronics, telecommunications equipment, and agriculture phytosanitary standards.”

It takes several months for RIM legal to sort through the legal documents and conditions for App World to enter a new market. It took RIM legal 2 months to get App World to Britain and there are many European countries with more complicated and restrictive laws surrounding content distribution. So while getting App World around the world is a top priority, it could be a couple years before we see global penetration.