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US train, light rail and subway schedules for BlackBerry



Trainlogic.net is a site for train, light rail and subway schedules throughout the US. They have recently released an app for their services which lets you plan rail trips with up to two connections. The app also works in offline mode.

The app will also combine rail networks such as NJT, PATH, LIRR and Amtrak, if you want. It shows maps of your trip, any stop, and lets find out if the train you’re on is making it on time. The app advises you on peak trains, suboptimal trains, etc.

See Trainlogic for covered schedules.

TrainSchedule GPS BlackBerry edition is available for the special price of $6.75 until Jun 26.


BlipSocial covers points of interest and friends


BlipSocial just launched their beta, featuring some really cool location-based services that don’t require GPS. It’ll plug into Yelp, Facebook, BART train times, weather, and movie showtimes. It’s also got an API available for other parties who want to mobilize some of their information without having to go through the hassle of building an app from the ground up. A cute application, and if you’re a Yelper at all, it could be worth your time. Head on over to www.blipsocial.com on your mobile browser to get going!