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Virgin Blue Mobile Check-in App for BlackBerry Check-Mate


This news is a little old but Virgin Blue has launched a check-in app for BlackBerry called Check-Mate. The app lets Virgin Blue travelers in Australia to make flight bookings, changes and cancellations across the entire Virgin Blue domestic network from their BlackBerry. Check-Mate also allows you to select your seat and board via 2D barcode scanning. Boarding with your mobile is far more convenient and I’m looking forward to when paper is completely obsolete.

Check out the Virgin Blue app in App World.

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FlightView Travel App Updated with FAA Data and Calendar Alerts


The FlightView app has been updated with a number of features to help you travel easier. The FlightView app provides actionable, flight tracking information directly to your BlackBerry. Recently, FlightView announced that their app lets travelers:

  • Monitor their flight status information with verified FAA data
  • Track their flight in real-time on a map with radar weather overlay
  • Get alerts that synchronize into the BlackBerry calendar

Check out FlightView in App World, it costs $4.99.

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The New TSA Directives and How They Will Affect Travel



Gizmodo got their hands on a leaked copy of the US Department of Homeland Security’s TSA directives. In this directive are a few new measures that will dramatically affect your experience traveling by air. The new directives include:

Directive: Passengers must remain in seats beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.
How it will impact travel: If your flight is only 60 minutes, you won’t be able to get out of your seat at all.

Directive: Passenger access to carry-on baggage is prohibited beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.
How it will impact travel: One hour prior to landing, be sure to have taken anything from your carry-on that you might need for the rest of the flight.

Directive: Disable aircraft-integrated passenger communications systems and services (phone, internet access services, live television programming, global positioning systems) prior to boarding and during all phases of flight.
How it will impact travel: During all phases of the flight? Are they saying we no longer have in-flight entertainment? If you have taken a flight since these measures were implemented, let us know.

Directive: While over U.S. airspace, flight crew may not make any announcement to passengers concerning flight path or position over cities or landmarks.
How it will impact travel: I really doubt the terrorists are waiting for the Captain to say “and on your left is the Lincoln Memorial.”

Directive: Passengers may not have any blankets, pillows, or personal belongings on the lap beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.
How it will impact air travel: Is a laptop a personal belonging? Perhaps a BlackBerry doesn’t fall into this category.

Personally, I don’t see how they’re going to implement these measures for parents with children. You simply can’t tell a mother that she isn’t allowed to access her baggage during a flight. If her child needs it, too bad. It’s not like there are many terrorists boarding flights with their newborn babies.
Click through for the full transcript of the new TSA directives

Send custom postcards from your BlackBerry with AmazingMail.com


Snailmail InboxAmazingMail.com Inc.’s online Web-to-print service allows smartphone application developers to integrate on-demand printing services to send personalized mail directly from smartphones – including the ability to spontaneously send postcards composed from “in-the-moment” BlackBerry photos – and get the card in the mail the next business day.

“We’re excited to talk to developers from BlackBerry and other smartphone communities about how they can use our patented batch processing and limitless digital print capability to build exciting mail and marketing applications for industry verticals,” says AmazingMail.com’s CEO Chris Lynde. “Postino and PicCard are good examples of how developers can generate margins of 100% or more with our Web-to-print engine.” Also, Postino is poised to launch a Windows Mobile version and BlackBerry version – evidence that the AmazingMail web-to-print application is of use to smartphone developers of all types.

This service sounds like a great summer vacation tool; not to mention an ideal Hallmark Killer.

Top 5 summer travel apps in BlackBerry App World


blackberry beach
Photo courtesy of Chris.Gordon

As we enter into summer and all start gearing up for vacations, I wanted to point out some helpful BlackBerry apps for the summer traveler. These applications are all available in BlackBerry App World.


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is drive with all the windows down and enjoy the breeze. Trapster notifies you when you’re approaching speed traps, red light cameras and speed cameras, so you can drive worry-free.

Download Trapster FREE for your BlackBerry.


Transclick provides a translation service to help you with any language barriers you may come across. There are also several dictionaries to choose from on App World, once you get a hang of the local language.

Purchase Transclick for $5.00.


TeleNav is a convenient GPS app that gives you driving directions as well as restaurant, hotel, ATM and WiFi hospot locations.

Try TeleNav free for a 30-day trial.

WorldMate Live

WorldMate can help you stay organized and connected so that you’ll save your business money as well as keep you focused on the important things while leaving the legwork to WorldMate.

Purchase a yearly subscription to WoldMate Live for $99.95.

Travel Genius

Travel Genius pro-sumer app that functions as an LBS search tool. Travel Genius helps you quickly find and get to the places or services you need when you are out and about.

Purchase Travel Genius on App World for $2.99.

Comment and let us know if you’ve tried any apps that would be good for a summer traveler.


WorldMate Live celebrates 1 year anniversary with facelift and special promotion


The lovely Sandy over at WorldMate reminded me yesterday of some news sitting in my inbox that you should all know about. WorldMate Live has just celebrated its one year anniversary and is in the mood for celebrating! If you didn’t know, WorldMate Live is an application that specializes in mobile travel services for the frequent flyer and road warrior, providing them with crucial and timely information. The super fun video above (probably one of the most endearing BlackBerry product demos I’ve ever seen) shows why this type of information can be so important.

In addition to a new look and feel, the one year anniversary of WorldMate Live also brings some new feature upgrades. Both the Web and mobile versions have seen a functionality bump, including a new home screen featuring a contextual dashboard based on users’ travel behavior, and a “carousel” display and navigation of all WorldMate Live’s services (you can see a full list of improvements as well as some screenshots after the jump).

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! WorldMate is also offering their Gold Service at a 25% discount for a limited time! Simply head to https://www.worldmatelive.com/ and use the promo code: specialwml. Oh, and make sure to tell them BlackBerry Cool sent you.

WorldMate Live Screenshots and Features