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WorldMate Live updated with hotel booking


WorldMate Live for BlackBerry

Version 2.0.13 of WorldMate Live has been released, now letting you book hotels right from your BlackBerry. If you haven’t tried it, WorldMate Live is a great travel app that helps you sort out all of your arrangements, such as flights, accommodation, rentals, maps, weather, and itineraries all under one roof. A free version is available, but for the real sweet stuff, you’ll want to look into their Gold subscription service, which unlocks flight status-checking, travel directory, and flight alerts. This new hotel-booking feature sounds great, but it would be really nice if they could plug into Google’s recent transit search so you could figure out bus times in foreign cities. The last update included a feature which let you know if your plans overlapped with any contacts, which was certainly a cool change of pace. If you’re interested in giving the free version of WorldMate Live a shot, head on over to WorldMateLive.com.

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RIM sponsoring scavenger hunt



We just got wind of The Mistubishi City Chase, a Canada-wide event sponsored by BlackBerry. The goal is for teams of two to run around a big city and hit ChasePoints by overcoming a set of 12-15 challenges. Think of it as a smaller-scale Amazing Race. These can range from answering trivia questions, finding unique items, or complete bizarre tasks. This kind of situation sounds exactly where I would want a BlackBerry to quickly look up facts, get directions to remote parts of town, as well as get pictures of some pretty incredible situations. It’s just in Canada now, but is coming to the US and other locations soon. Check out some of the previous seasons, or tune in to CBC on Monday nights at 8:30.

Vacation spots for BlackBerry detox


Alton TowersWe’ve heard about folks bringing their mobiles with them on vacation, but if you can’t trust yourself to unplug during extended off-time, there are more than a few tourist destinations that are offering to take away not only your BlackBerry while you enjoy your stay. They don’t stop at BlackBerrys, either – many don’t offer phones, TVs or WiFi. Sounds harsh, but let’s face it, some of us could certainly use the help. A few of the electronics-free zones include Alton Towers in Straffordshire, Arawak Beach Inn in Anguilla, Kona Village Resort in Hawaii, and Little Palm Island in the Florida keys.

(via Globe and Mail)

BlackBox keeps tabs on time and travel


BerryVine’s BlackBox launched recently, offering project-based travel tracking. Clock in, track your movement, and clock out. This would make for quick expensing, and can report time just as easily in a variety of file formats. This is definitely a more flexible system than RideCharge, and seems really easy to use. You can grab for € 49,95 over here, or give the trial a shot by downloading BlackBox over the air from bb.berryvine.com.

Canadians get 200 Air Miles with their next BlackBerry


Air MilesNot like you need any more reasons to pick up a BlackBerry Bold when it comes out, but until July 26th., Canadians activating a new BlackBerry will also be entitled to 200 Air Miles, or 500 if you’re getting two devices. Sweet deal! My mum’s taken three trips to Australia from Air Miles alone, so clearly every little bit adds up. Even if you’re not willing to shell out the clams for a BlackBerry 9000, no doubt plenty of other devices will be going on the cheap as a result of the launch. Heck, I hear the BlackBerry 8100 is going for free on Rogers, so why not get 200 Air Miles along with it?

Travel Channel launches BlackBerry app


Travel Channel GoHave you ever watch the Travel Channel? They’ve got an impressive lineup of shows, and have no doubt provided plenty of great insights on international locales through their programming. Well, they’ve just recently launched a mobile application for BlackBerry powered by Earthcomber which not only lets you tap into spots covered by their programs, but find slightly less exotic destinations, like, say, the 7/11. Not only good for directions and maps, you can also keep track of friends, and discover new places in your area that fit with your interests. Looks like a handy little app, and worth a shot.