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TripIt Now Available for Google Apps Users


TripIt let us know that they’re now providing their free TripIt travel service to the 2 million companies using Google Apps (BlackBerryCool included). TripIt have been rapidly growing their business with new partnerships via the open travel API. For example, soon you will see a new “Add to TripIt” function on Hotwire.com, and a partnership with BCD Travel is scheduled to launch next month.

Try TripIt for free.

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TripIt Announces New Feature Called TripIt Groups


TripIt have announced a new feature they call TripIt Groups, which gives business travelers an easy way to see where and when other employees in their company are traveling. With TripIt Groups, an employee simply joins their company’s group on TripIt and can instantly see other employees on their company’s travel map. And like TripIt, Groups is a free service that helps travelers and their companies.

For more information, check out tripit.com/uhp/groups and if you’re using TripIt with your work email, there’s likely already a TripIt group set-up for your company that you can join.

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TripIt Now Available as a BlackBerry Client


tripit for blackberry

Tripit for BlackBerry is available as a free download from today on. Tripit puts your TripIt itineraries on your BlackBerry including travel confirmation emails from corporate booking sites and corporate travel agencies. It also syncs travel plans with the built-in BlackBerry calendar which in-turn syncs with a traveler’s Outlook calendar.

While the BlackBerry client is free, there is a paid service. When I last checked, the Pro price was $99 per year. Charter members of TripIt Pro pay no more than $49 per year.

Download TripIt for BlackBerry.

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Easy travel planning from your BlackBerry with Tripit Pro



Tripit is a simplified and easy to use travel planning system. Travelers simply forward their travel confirmation emails and TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary that combines all their travel plans plus weather, maps, restaurants and more.

Today, Tripit Pro has been announced. The premium service is designed for frequent travelers, and features a collection of time-saving travel functionality. Some of the major upgrades include:

• Mobile Alerts – Receive the latest info about flights delays, cancellations, connections, gate changes, baggage claim and more, on any mobile device, for any airline regardless of where the flight was booked.

• Alternate Flights – Get unbiased re-booking options for any flight delays or cancelations, including flight status and available seats, across all available airlines.

• Point Tracker – Keep track of frequent traveler accounts, balances and expirations, all in one place.

• Inner Circle – Identify key people, like an administrative assistant or spouse, who get automatic access to every trip.

TripIt is inviting travelers to try TripIt Pro free for 30 days.

The standard price is $99 per year but travelers who join by July 31 will lock in a charter price of only $49 per year, a 50% discount. Charter members of TripIt Pro will never pay more than $49 per year.


TripIt helps you plan trips with your BlackBerry



Simon covered TripIt back in April and I thought I’d send out an update of the company. For those that don’t remember/know, TripIt is very similar to WorldMate Live, but it’s a simpler and less robust travel planning system. I see them servicing different markets. Whereas WorldMate is for enterprise and travelers who are in need of serious planning, TripIt is for someone a little more last minute.

Here are a few quick angles about TripIt that you may find interesting:

– TripIt has received many Web 2.0 and travel industry awards, including the only travel site to make Michael Arrington’s sites he can’t live without for the past two years running, and the only travel site selected to present at all the top startup conferences: TechCrunch, Web 2.0, Under the Radar and PhoCusWright.

– Recently, TripIt was selected as the only travel app on LinkedIn, enabling millions of people to automatically see when their travel plans overlap with their professional social network.

– The company just announced an API that enables any developer to access TripIt travel itineraries and provide travelers with new services, like FlightTrack Pro the top paid iPhone travel app that now automatically tracks flights from TripIt itineraries.

Check out TripIt’s website to try out the service here.

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TripIt offers travel info on BlackBerry


TripItIf WorldMate Live is a little too time-consuming for arranging your travel plans, TripIt offers something a little quicker. All you have to do is forward your booking e-mails to plans@tripit.com, and their robots will go off and scour the web for weather, maps, directions and all sorts of info to make your travelling all the more painless. With their recently-announced mobile site, you can access all that amassed information from your BlackBerry at m.tripit.com. You can also shoot off a command to that e-mail address to get a reply with all of your info, if you’d prefer to have it in e-mail format. I’d sooner stick to WorldMate Live if I’ve got the time to plan, but TripIt sounds like a great service for last minute trips.