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Zeus Trojan Infects BlackBerry via SMS



BlackBerry is a mostly secure platform, but information on a new Zeus Trojan that has migrated to the BlackBerry has recently been announced.  In an effort to help keep you and your fellow BlackBerry users safe, we want to share the details of the trojan. According to infoseland “The malware allows remote access of infected Blackberry devices by the attacker, who can then change the SMS message default number, add a new device administrator, control blocked call lists, and even turn the device on and off. The Trojan also removes itself from the list of installed applications to avoid scanning and detection by antivirus software.”

Cert Polska reports that once the trojan is downloaded, you have a few removal options. The trojan sent the file cert.jad . Upon it’s installation, you’ll find sertificate, which is either sertificate.jar or sertificate.cod under Options -> Applications. Delete this application and reboot your phone. If this is unsuccessful or if you’d like a more thorough approach, you can do a full wipe of the device.

Stay safe out there and don’t install software via SMS unless you specifically requested it.

Sources: Infosecland and CERT

Security firm publishes whitepaper on BlackBerry Trojan


A real trojan horseThe folks at Tech2 posted about a white paper published on BlackBerry security, namely what is lawfully interceptible, and how to avoid hacking. Part of the paper is based on a prototype trojan that could be delivered to a BlackBerry on BES and leave the company’s server unguarded. It was developed by an information security company, who released the information to RIM before taking it public. The trojan, called BBProxy, works by allowing a hacker to essentially piggyback on any connections made to BES. Once installed on a BlackBerry, the hacker can connect to it via computer and have complete access to everything the BlackBerry connects to. The article does include some simple steps administrators can take to prevent it from working, but fair warning: it is heavy on IT-speak. Earlier security reports acknowledged the threat of Trojans on BlackBerry, but we’ve yet to see an instance in the wild…

BlackBerry spy software branded as virus


Sure there’s nothing especially friendly about listening in on your significant other’s affairs, but it hardly constitutes malevolent intent. Security firm F-Secure has branded spy application FlexiSpy as the first Trojan for BlackBerry, much to FlexiSpy’s ire. There have been previous demonstrations of the viral capabilities in BlackBerrys, but few individuals have gone so far as identify a particular program as a BlackBerry virus. We’re going to have to side with FlexiSpy on this one - sure the software’s underhanded, and maybe even a security threat, but it’s no Trojan.

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