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How to Fix the GPS on Your BlackBerry


So you just got a brand new BlackBerry, you slap on Foursquare, let it detect your position, but notice that it’s taking forever.  You make your way through the options menu, select the ‘GPS’ menu and start switching ‘location on’ to ‘location off’ back to ‘location on’, then from ‘enable’ to ‘disable’ back to ‘enable’.  At this point you might make your way back to Foursquare, realize that you’ve had enough patience to deal with the nonsense and run to your service provider claiming that your GPS isn’t working.  Hold the phone.

Turns out that there is a fix that may or may not (depending your carrier) “activate” your GPS.
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Troubleshooting Your BlackBerry Data Connection



BlackBerry outages are a real frustration but sometimes there isn’t an outage and your data connection may be malfunctioning. With the help of the good folks at Made Simple Learning, I’ve put together some tips to help resolve your BlackBerry data connection. Use this guide when you aren’t able to use data and you haven’t seen any outage posts in the blogs.
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Troubleshooting and Resolving BlackBerry Activation Issues


blackberry activation

By Ahmed Datoo, VP marketing, Zenprise

Zenprise is partnering with BlackBerry Cool to address how to resolve some of the most common BlackBerry activation problems. Through a series of 10 articles, readers will learn how to identify key log file errors, tests and configurations critical to identifying the root cause of enterprise activation issues.

The articles will explore common failures in the 4 unique stages of the activation process: stage 1 activation, stage 2 verifying encryption, stage 3 receiving services, and stage 4 slow synchronization process. Special thanks to Brian Bernard at RIM for providing the content for this troubleshooting series.

In this first article, Zenprise addresses what to do when a BlackBerry device is missing an Enterprise Activation icon on the home screen. For BlackBerry administrators, users experiencing this problem will typically not get past the first stage of the activation process (i.e., activation stage).
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Zenprise gets cozier with carriers


ZenpriseZenprise has announced a partnership with Keynote in order to keep a closer eye on carrier network status. This fits in great with Zenprise’s established troubleshooting system, as monitoring stability is a big part of what they do. Keynote has a pretty robust system in place for gaging call quality and network status, and we’re sure the service being passed on to customers through Zenprise will be top notch. We talked with Zenprise not too long ago about what they do, so if you’re in the BlackBerry admin end of things, check it out.

Run-through: Zenprise for BlackBerry


ZenpriseSince covering Zenprise’s troubleshooting software back in July, I’ve had a chance to talk to some of the folks there about what they do. In a nutshell, Zenprise offers diagnostic tools to backend IT staff and dynamic troubleshooting flowcharts to front-line technical support in order to keep the company’s BlackBerry operations running smoothly. We would have liked to do a review, but we don’t run a BES at BBCool, and even if we did, we’re all so darned clever that we could figure out our own technical problems without some fancy-pants software package. That being said, we hooked up with the Paul Hinsberg, senior server engineer for the County of Alameda, California, who has been using Zenprise’s BlackBerry software since early beta testing. The county uses a little over a hundred BlackBerrys that have to be handled between 8 people.
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