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Save your business money on international calls



Truphone, a global provider of low cost international mobile calls, has announced the launch of Truphone Business, a BlackBerry application enabling business users to make international phone calls from their devices at fixed line rates, typically saving 50% or more on call charges.

Truphone’s global infrastructure means that these savings are available for calls made from the UK to every destination globally, while never compromising on call quality. Moreover, Truphone Business is entirely invisible to end users who simply dial an international number as usual, without noticing that the call is being connected by Truphone.
Click through to learn more about Truphone Business for BlackBerry

International SIM card from Truphone Local Anywhere


Truphone is a widely popular VoIP provider that plans to offer a single SIM card allowing local call rates while roaming in a host of countries. The SIM, called Truphone Local Anywhere, will hopefully reduce roaming rates and overall costs of traveling with your smartphone.

There aren’t exact details regarding pricing, but it’s likely that a flat rate fee will be charged for calls outside of your resident nation. The company also promises to chop mobile roaming charges – a major complaint for users of conventional mobile networks – by up to 80 percent.

“Until now, the only way to avoid the massive cost of mobile roaming is to carry multiple phones and multiple SIM cards, one for each country you frequent,” said Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson. “This means juggling multiple devices and phone numbers to avoid paying the high roaming rates traditionally associated with travel.

This new chip will hopefully help businesses cut down on their mobile bills and help the bottom line during these tough economic times. Good timing Truphone!



New VoIP app for BlackBerry — Truphone Beta


truphone for BlackBerry

Truphone, makers of the popular Nokia and iPhone VoIP application have finally released a version for BlackBerry. While still in beta and nowhere near as robust as the S60 version, Truphone for BlackBerry still features the same low calling rates (as low as 6¢ per minute!).

To help get you rolling, Truphone is giving away a $1 credit upon sign up. Click the link below to download Truphone for BlackBerry or to read more information.

Download Truphone for BlackBerry Beta