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Kisai Labs Announces Trapeez Tumblr Client for BlackBerry 10, PlayBook and BlackBerry 7


Kisai Labs, makers of the popular Blaq Twitter client for PlayBook has announced their latest project: Trapeez. The new app is a Tumblr browser for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets and will be ready for the launch of BlackBerry 10.
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Tumblr for BlackBerry Review: Video Bug but Overall Quality App


Recently, Tumblr released the first official version of its Blackberry app, and as a Tumblr user myself, I thought I would give it a review.

First, the visuals. Those familiar with Tumblr’s iPhone app will feel at home. From desaturated blue to light gray, Tumblr’s color scheme looks good on my 9700’s bright screen.

On the main menu, there are the usual options for sending data to Tumblr: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video, each with icons identical to Tumbr’s web site. Access to each of these menus is accompanied by smooth, wipe transitions. In the upper left-hand corner, users can access their Tumblr dashboards, and in the upper right-hand, settings.
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Official Tumblr BlackBerry App Now Available


Tumblr finally have their official BlackBerry app available for download and so far it looks really good. The app looks a lot like the iPhone version and includes all the features you would want out of a Tumblr app including video. I personally really enjoy Tumblr for quick posting links and featuring media, and a lot of companies use it for their company blog.

Download the Tumblr app OTA.

Also, remember to use the QR code method for fast downloading.

[Hat tip to our pal LouTreize]

Tumblr app for BlackBerry with video and audio to come



Tumblr is a great platform for the casual, personal style blog and they’ve got a BlackBerry app. This isn’t breaking news or anything but we haven’t written about them yet.

Hippocamp developed the Tumblr app which allows you to create, edit and post direct to your Tumblr blog all from your BlackBerry. The application is free and regularly updated.

Be sure to keep an eye on this app, because video and audio uploading are coming in soon to be released versions.

Download the Tumblr client for your BlackBerry.