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RIM Shutting Down Tungle.Me Service to Focus on BlackBerry 10 Calendar and PIM Apps


Tungle.me was an awesome service (and still sort of is) that made scheduling easy. The company, based in Montreal before its acquisition by RIM, had an excellent suite of desktop and mobile apps to help you schedule in a few easy steps. After the acquisition by RIM, there were a few product updates, including BlackBerry PlayBook support (but not the best implementation), but since then nothing has really happened. Today, Tungle announced it would be shutting its doors on December 3rd, 2012, to focus on BlackBerry 10.
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5 Must-Have Applications for Your BlackBerry PlayBook


playbook favorites

The PlayBook is coming along nicely. Lately, we’ve seen an upgrade to the Facebook application, as well as support for in-app purchases and charging improvements. The major updates that the general public are waiting for, such as local PIM applications, should be coming sometime this summer, and we think it’s really going to improve the overall PlayBook experience. As cool as the Bridge idea is, it’s sort of a pain to constantly connect your BlackBerry, and the Bridge Browser is pretty shoddy. For those of you who have a PlayBook, here are some apps we think you must have on your tablet (in no particular order):

1. Blaq - If you’re looking for a solid Twitter client for the PlayBook, we recommend Blaq. The app is a fun tablet experience because it’s a full featured Twitter client that takes advantage of the larger screen. Instead of having to click links and head to the browser, you can preview link content from within the Blaq application. Blaq also comes at a more than reasonable price of $1.99. Grab your copy of Blaq from App World.

2. GeeReader - While the BlackBerry News app is a great app, the fact that it doesn’t come with Google Reader sync makes it a dead-in-the-water product. Avid online readers have spent years cultivating their Google Reader feeds and it’s great to see a free app that syncs with your Reader account. The GeeReader app is fast, easy to setup, and will import hundreds of feeds nearly instantly. Grab GeeReader for FREE in App World.
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RIM Acquires Innovative Calendar App Maker Tungle.me


RIM has announced its acquisition of Tungle.me, makers of the innovative calendar and scheduling app. Tungle.me has an ingenious system of plugging into existing calendar apps and the cleverest feature of being able to share your availability with people you wish to meet with. Ease of use, compatibility and portability are design philosophies that have led to Tungle’s popularity among 40% of Fortune 1000 companies and lots of universities and colleges.

No direct news on whether or not the new RIM-led Tungle will continue to develop and support software for the two competing mobile platforms they support: iOS and Android. In the open letter to customers about the acquisition, Tungle CEO and founder Marc Gingras wrote that the “Tungle team is focusing on putting the puck in the net for you, our customers.” This leads me to believe that they won’t be dropping out of markets they are already a success in.

Tungle.me should make a good addition to RIM’s first-party software library.

Interview with Marc Gingras CEO of Tungle on Entrepreneurship and Smartphones


Marc Gingras is, simply put, an entrepreneur. Someone who finds the gaps in the way we work and fills them in a way that makes you wonder what you did before and why no one thought of it before. He’s also the founder and CEO of Tungle, an online meeting manager that makes it simple to schedule meetings, regardless of the calendaring system you and your invitees use — and now regardless of device you store on your hip.

You get a sense of what Marc is about almost immediately — he’s focused, determined and excited about what he’s doing and that excitement is viral just like his product. One of the things that stuck with me is what he terms the “Tungle Hierarchy of Needs” — you’ll have to watch to get all the details but, clearly, it is something that blew me away.

Full disclosure on this one — when you get two Canadians talking technology you can count on an animated and passionate conversation, second only to hockey.

Free Scheduling Application Neatcall Available in App World


Neatcall is a free personal mobile scheduling assistant that seems to work much like Tungle by providing the optimal timeslot for any type of communication. Where Tungle focuses on scheduling meetings in general, Neatcall seems to break the type of meeting down into face-to-face, conference call, web meetings and video conferences.

Features of Neatcall include:

  • Scheduling all online and offline communications through one application.
  • Offering several time slots and automatically selecting the optimal one.
  • Unlimited events and unlimited number of invitees!
  • Multi messaging – you decide how to send invitations to your colleagues, by EMAIL, simple SMS, or WAP link.
  • Analyzing the responses content of all messaging formats.
  • Speed Mode Reply mechanism – picking optimal time slots in seconds.
  • Four different scheduling situations: “Full Match” if all users pick the same time slot, “Best Match” if one time.
  • Slot is picked by most invitees, “Equal Match” if there are more than two equal time slots and “No Match” when there is no selected time slot so you can offer new time slots.

I’ll have to play around with this app more to determine what advantages, if any, it provides over the Tungle app. It’s great to see that it’s free so you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

Download Neatcall for free in App World.

Tungle Free Scheduling App for BlackBerry Now Available


Tungle, the easiest way to schedule meetings, have officially launched their free BlackBerry app to the general public. This application provides the same core services as the Tungle.me web app, allowing users to share calendar information in order to find a time to meet that suits both parties.

The Tungle for BlackBerry app allows users to:

  • Create, send and receive meeting invitations;
  • Share calendars with other Tungle.me users;
  • See others’ free/busy status at a glance to know if they are available to meet;
  • And sync calendars and contacts.

Head over to the Tungle site and grab the free download.

For an idea of what to expect, see the beta review.