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Tungle Free Scheduling App for BlackBerry Now Available


Tungle, the easiest way to schedule meetings, have officially launched their free BlackBerry app to the general public. This application provides the same core services as the Tungle.me web app, allowing users to share calendar information in order to find a time to meet that suits both parties.

The Tungle for BlackBerry app allows users to:

  • Create, send and receive meeting invitations;
  • Share calendars with other Tungle.me users;
  • See others’ free/busy status at a glance to know if they are available to meet;
  • And sync calendars and contacts.

Head over to the Tungle site and grab the free download.

For an idea of what to expect, see the beta review.

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Tungle.me Available for Enterprise Deployment to Google Apps Users


Google Apps has been an incredible cost saver for SMBs and the Google Apps Marketplace is a great place to discover productivity tools that will help your business. One of those productivity tools is Tungle.me, which is now available to companies who want an easy way to schedule meetings internally or with clients.

Check out Tungle.me in the Google Apps Marketplace.

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100 Invites for Tungle for BlackBerry Beta Available to BlackBerryCool Readers


Tungle are offering 100 BlackBerryCool readers an advanced beta copy of Tungle for BlackBerry. This is a great app for anyone who needs to schedule meetings on the go, and the beta client is a steady build. I’ve reviewed and used a decent number of beta BlackBerry apps, and this one doesn’t have any battery drain or memory leaks, that sometimes come with a beta.

To get your advanced beta copy, head over to the Tungle Beta landing page.

For a review of Tungle for BlackBerry Beta, see this post.

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Tungle for BlackBerry Beta Review: The Easiest Way to Schedule Meetings


About a month ago we told you that Tungle are looking for volunteers to beta test their upcoming BlackBerry application. Tungle is a beautiful service that makes scheduling meetings very easy. The concept is very simple and is based on allowing you to suggest times for a meeting based on availability, and allow attendees to either accept the meeting invite or propose different times. Today, I’ll take you through the beta application and show you what’s in store for BlackBerry users.

The test meeting I’m going to use is a basic meetup on Skype that I have done a thousand times and often book with the same contacts. I have invited BlackBerryCool writers Nan Palmero and Matt Cameron, to get on a Skype call this week and talk about our plans for WES 2010. Here is how it’s done with Tungle for BlackBerry:
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Tungle Looking for Beta Volunteers for New Blackberry App


Tungle, the slick cloud based scheduling tool has just tweeted that they are looking for beta testers.  To get in, email bb@tungle.com and include your Blackberry model and OS version.

For those of you not yet familiar with Tungle, it’s a great app that has proved indispensable to me and excels at solving the problem of cross-network scheduling of meetings.  A typical scenario is this:

  • I want to book a meeting with several people from 2 or more companies, which means I can’t see their calendars and they can’t see mine.
  • So I either decide that I’m ‘feeling lucky’, a la Google, and then send out meeting invites for a specific date and time, or I’ll start playing the ‘this date works for me…how about you?’ game.
  • Either method results in a series of wasted back and forth communications whose number is directly and exponentially tied to how many attendees will be in the meeting.
  • Eventually, through luck and determination, and lots of wasted time and effort we finally arrive at a date and time that works for all.

Tungle solves this beautifully by allowing the other attendees to either accept the meeting invite or propose different times.  It really shines when most (or all) of the attendees use Tungle as your Tungle calendar can sync with your other calendars (notably Outlook and Gmail with more to follow I’m sure) which means that you can very quickly find a specific time slot that works for everyone attending.

I’ve applied to the beta and will post a review after I get it and put it through it’s paces.

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Tungle is an easy way to book meetings with individuals and groups



Tungle is a great service that isn’t necessarily BlackBerry specific, but is of great use to the type of user who would own a BlackBerry.

Tungle is the easiest way to schedule meetings. The service was born out of the redundancy that occurs every time people send back-and-forth emails saying “what time is good for you?”

Until now, Tungle has been focused on one-on-one and small group meetings, which represent 95% of all meetings. Over the last 9 months, Tungle has been working on the best possible way to set up group meetings. You can now add or remove participants, change the times you’ve proposed, as well as the location and any of the meeting details.

The system of booking meetings is very much like booking between individuals. Users select blocks of time that they’re available, and Tungle schedules the meeting based on everyone’s availability.

Sign up for your free Tungle account and give it a try for yourself.

Are there any features you would like to see in the next version of Tungle? Let us know in the comments.