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RIM Finally Includes BlackBerry Apps in Their Commercials


It’s sort of strange how long it has taken for RIM to finally begin advertising the fact that their is such a thing as BlackBerry apps and users can download them on their device. In their latest TV spot, RIM is advertising the Super Apps concept which is cool but it would have been nice to see more than one app in the ad. At the very end of the ad, they show you a series of icons representing Super Apps (is Urban Spoon really a super app?), and there are a lot of cool apps they could have showcased. Why didn’t RIM showcase themes? The ability to customize your device in any way you’d like is a great advantage for BlackBerry and they should be advertising this on TV. Pageonce Personal Finance is definitely an awesome app but hopefully RIM will show off a little more in the coming ads.

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Record and Watch TV Shows on Your BlackBerry Torch with AT&T U-verse App


u-verse app

AT&T has announced the U-verse Mobile app that allows customers to record and watch TV shows using a WiFi connection for the BlackBerry Torch. The U-verse app is available at no extra cost to all U-verse TV customers, and the ability to download and watch content is available to customers that subscribe to the U300 package or higher.

The Torch features a large screen that is ideal for watching video and this app could be great for catching up on some good shows on the go.

More information available in the press release.

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DIRECTV DVR Scheduler Mobile Site



DIRECTV subscribers can now program their DVR remotely using their BlackBerry. This new DIRECTV feature allows you to schedule TV, Pay Per View, and On Demand content. This makes TV talk around the water cooler a lot more fruitful because you can queue new shows while you’re on the go.

UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion but I was talking about http://m.directv.com/ which isn’t news but more of a heads up to anyone who doesn’t know about the service.

Thanks to Caspan for the tip.


Watch NBC prime TV free on your BlackBerry Storm


BlackBerry Storm video

Everything looks beautiful on the BlackBerry Storm. At WES, many of the booths were demo’ing their products on the Storm because the combination of a big screen and smooth UI, makes for the best way to showcase your application. Video is stunning on this device and I found a good post explaining how to get NBC prime television streamed to your device for free.

Just visit http://m.nbc.com/fullepisodes.shtml

If the link does not work, visit m.nbc.com

Shows include The Office, 30 Rock, Crusoe, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Kath and Ki, Knight Rider, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy, The Biggest Looser and more.



(Rumor) BlackBerry to launch mobile TV episode service


BlackBerry video

Although not officially confirmed, it seems RIM is going to announce a full-episode television service for BlackBerry. The launch may come at CTIA but we’ve also heard App World will be announced and they may not want to take away the spotlight.

The new service is rumored to feature:

  • Unlimited monthly subscription service for a fee
  • Once a user orders a program, the content will be downloaded in the background over Wi-Fi
  • Multiple broadcast and cable networks have licensed content for the service

If the above comes true, I would be really interested to see what sort of content we can expect. Ideally, the service would start by offering the usual premium content that can be offered for free such as Comedy Central and Comedy Network shows.

Micro-payments can really help this service too. If I could pay $0.99 per episode of Lost or The Office, I would happily do so. Hopefully this service offers some content that really makes it worthwhile.



RIM sponsoring scavenger hunt



We just got wind of The Mistubishi City Chase, a Canada-wide event sponsored by BlackBerry. The goal is for teams of two to run around a big city and hit ChasePoints by overcoming a set of 12-15 challenges. Think of it as a smaller-scale Amazing Race. These can range from answering trivia questions, finding unique items, or complete bizarre tasks. This kind of situation sounds exactly where I would want a BlackBerry to quickly look up facts, get directions to remote parts of town, as well as get pictures of some pretty incredible situations. It’s just in Canada now, but is coming to the US and other locations soon. Check out some of the previous seasons, or tune in to CBC on Monday nights at 8:30.