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BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: 2008 Winners



You already heard what the people have chosen, and now to announce what the supposed experts have to say. Like we mentioned in last week’s podcast, it’s a tough call to make with such a wide range of products being shown off at WES. The judges for each category had their own set of standards (as you can see), so the results are bound to be highly subjective. The fact of the matter is every exhibitor at WES had something worth showing off, and these were just some of the few that stuck out in our judge’s minds.

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WES 08 Video: Unify4Life


I managed to talk with the guys from Unify4Life back on day 2, and got a sweet demo of everything in action. Stuff like this we’ll tend to throw out on QuicklyBored before anything else, so be sure to check ‘em out.

BlackBerry launches new front page, TV ad campaign


BB AdYou might notice a cool new trailer on the front page of blackberry.com, follow by a broad overview of each of the three device types. Everything but the reskinned store is pretty much the same, but that front page trailer has also hit primetime TV, signalling a heavy-duty pre-WES push into the consumer space. Yesterday’s Unite! announcement, which is just as geared towards tight groups of friends and families as it is small businesses, and the latest rumblings of a flip BlackBerry also leaves one wonder how much WES will take on a consumer focus this year…

BlackBerry SlingPlayer launches beta sign-up


SlingMediaSlingPlayer has opened the gates for application to test out its new TV software for BlackBerry that made such a splash at CES this year. You can sign up for the beta when it’s ready over here, but you you’ll probably need a SlingBox hooked up to your TV already in order to participate, and an unlimited data plan will likely be necessary. Still, it’s a big step for streaming video on BlackBerry, and hopefully not the last.

Thanks Robb!

Bacon on BlackBerry: Multimedia


Musical NoteStill carrying an MP3 player alongside your BlackBerry? That’s sooooo 2007. BlackBerrys have come a long way in the last couple of years. I used to carry around a cell phone, my BlackBerry and my MP3 player. Yes, my pockets were very full. The 7100v changed that as I dropped down to one communications device, but I still had my MP3 player.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to use the BlackBerry 8120 for a few weeks now and I’m impressed. I threw a 2GB microSD card in the side (finally), loaded up some MP3s (Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, etc.), threw another 1GB microSD card in my wallet (Solitudes, Blue Man Group, POD casts… I never know what I’ll feel like) and headed out. I haven’t looked back.

I decided this weekend to see what the BlackBerry could do for video. Who wants the watch The View, a Fishing Show or TechTV while at the gym? I somehow legally obtained a Seinfeld episode and loaded it on my BB. That made the elliptical machine much more amusing and got me thinking about other media-related improvements I’d like to see on the BlackBerry…

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Sprint BlackBerry 8130 due November


SprintWe just received official word that the BlackBerry 8130 will be coming to Sprint next month (as previously speculated), alongside a fact sheet with all the trimmings. Streaming TV through Sprint’s Power Vision service will be available, along with Sprint’s Music Store and navigation software to make use of the internal GPS. BlackBerry Maps is still usable, for those who aren’t interested in shelling out $10/month. Verizon’s 8130 will be coming out November 1st., so these two carriers will have fun butting heads before the Christmas push.

Fact sheet behind the jump.