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WES 2010 Pictures Trending on Twitter With Crowdreel


Crowdreel is a great way to see what’s trending photo-wise on Twitter. With hundreds of photos uploaded every minute to Twitter, Crowdreel gives you real-time access to these images and lets you search, share and explore them. It’s always great to see when BlackBerry trends on Twitter and right now WES 2010 pics are trending! Right now Crowreel is powered by twitter, twitpic, yfrog, TweetPhoto, twitgoo, mobypicture and Flickr, so be sure to share your WES pics on one of these services to get discovered.

Check out WES 2010 on Crowdreel.

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UberTwitter goes Beta 5 with TweetPhoto and bug fixes



UberTwitter is a great Twitter client that is now in Beta 5. The latest build integrates TweetPhoto, allowing you to now send both picture and video from your device to the Twittersphere.

The latest version of UberTwitter also comes with the requisite bug fixes and application stabilization. Beta 5 will utilize TweetPhoto’s uploading, voting, favoriting, commenting and geo-tagging feature-sets. The app will also allow users to view all photos they have uploaded, comments posted on photos and much more.

UberTwitter comes in a freemium model with a free, ad supported version, as wel as a paid version for $4.99. The paid version comes with unlimited upgrades for one year and no advertisements forever on any of the new versions released during the subscription year.

UberTwitter is available as a free download OTA and you can get it free in App World when it goes live.

To purchase UberTwitter, visit their site and buy it directly from them.