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Twinkler Software Mother’s Day Sale: All Apps 20% Off


You can always count on Twinkler Software running a sale whenever there is something on the calendar. Mother’s Day is approaching and Twinkler Software are running a “We Care About Moms…(and you too)” sale. All Twinkler Software is 20% off from now through Mother’s Day so be sure to get your mom something nice (or buy her a BlackBerry).

Check out Twinkler Software in our store and get your apps on sale.

Twinkler Software Spring Cleaning Sale: WiFi Hero and Instantlog $1


Twinkler Software are having a sale right now until the 23rd. Their spring cleaning sale means both Instantlog and WiFiHero are both $0.99! Check them out in the store for more details.

Inspirational Quotes App Belladonna Free Until May 16th


Twinkler Software have a new app called Belladonna that shows motivational and inspirational quotes on your BlackBerry. The app provides a positive message twice a day with an on-screen popup, accompanied by a musical alert. Belladonna also incorporates a wallpaper changer that rotates through a selected series of images once a day. Best of all, Twinkler are giving the app away free as a “pilot release” with the coupon code “BELLA“.

More information about Belladonna in the BlackBerryCool Store.

On a side note, does anyone else think Belladonna is an ironic name for an app meant to inspire?

March Madness: Twinkler Software is 30% for the Month of March


Twinkler Software are having a March sale from now until March 31st, where they’re giving 30% off any app in the Twinkler Software Catalog.

To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “MARCHMADNESS” for your discount on some great apps such as:

  • AddOnis - This is an all-in-one utility app that adds a ton of functionality to your device. It’s best described as a feature set so read up on them in the store.
  • InstantLog - Automatically log any or all of your incoming or outgoing call, email or sms details.
  • WiFi Hero - Location based control of WiFi power (automatic On and OFF) based on your cell tower location.
  • AddContactX - Adds contact information to your address book from your call log.
  • SendX - Send information to your Calendar, Memo Pad, Task Manager from Email, SMS, or Phone Logs.

Remember to use Coupon Code “MARCHMADNESS” at checkout!

Take a look at the Twinkler Software catalog in the BlackBerryCool Store.

AddOnis Updated and Now Available for OS 5 Devices


AddOnis is now compatible with OS 5.0 touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices. Along with the compatibility announcement, Twinkler Software are letting users know that a new version of AddOnis is available specifically for OS 5 users. The latest version of AddOnis for OS 5 supports the new combination Standby/Lock function found in the latest versions OS 5.
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Price Lowered on AddOnis - The Super Utility for BlackBerry


AddOnis is a cool app from Twinkler that they call The Super Utility for BlackBerry. The app has an incredibly long feature set, so I’ll put it after the break for you to read through. Suffice it to say, this app gives you a lot more options and features that would normally be spread across several smaller apps. With AddOnis, you can block or permit calls from certain numbers, add options to various alerts, add a configurable missed call indicator, provide In-Call notifications and more.

Twinkler let us know that they have lowered the price of AddOnis to $6.99 – a price reduction of over 29%.

The feature set is available after the jump