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TwitterBerry 0.9 Beta 6 gets Twitgoo support


TwitterBerry has been updated over the weekend. Included in the update is support for Twitgoo! You can now set your media provider to Twitgoo in the configure screen. Bug fixes include:

* Font size configuration only affects the timelines, and not the whole application
* More work on improving robustness of picture uploads
* TwitterBerry removed from the BlackBerry “Options” screen
* Properly identify the OS version when installing from the ALX zip package.

Download TwitterBerry for your BlackBerry.


Top 5 apps for a new BlackBerry user


We had a lot of feedback last week for our daily Blackberry Cool Twitter Question of the day.

The Blackberry community unanimously voted Viigo as the most recommended application for a new Blackberry user.

Over half of the total responses included Viigo as one of the 3 choices. Closely behind in the number 2 spot was Twitterberry. This wasn’t to surprising due to the many replies we received in such a short period of time. Last but not least, Google Maps was the 3rd most recommended application.

There are some other applications that deserve an honorable mention. They are SocialScope and Slacker Radio. There you have it. Know someone with a new Blackberry? Here’s a list that will get them started in the right direction:

1. To download Viigo for your BlackBerry, go here.

2. To download Twitterberry, go here.

3. To download Google Maps, go here.

4. To get an invite to SocialScope, go here.

5. To download Slacker Radio, go here.

TwitterBerry gets updated to 0.9a BETA



Have you been following @blackberrycool? It’s a great community of BlackBerry users. Well many of these users are on TwitterBerry for all their Tweet needs and the app has released their newest version, 0.9a.

Get the latest version of TwitterBerry here.

New Features

OS 4.2.1+:

* Includes improved TwitPic support. Look for the ‘Send to TwitterBerry’ menu in the Media application when viewing images. TwitPic uploads are sent over direct TCP connections, see ‘Connection Help’ in the Settings page.
* TwitPic progress bar, to show the progress of the upload
* WiFi support for all connections
* Full tweets on the list screen. No need to click to open new tweets
* Improved network connectivity, adding support for WAP 2.0
* Hyperlink “@username” in tweets to visit their timeline
* Re-Tweet tweets from timelines or tweet views
* Optional HTTPS SSL support on all authenticated requests
* Background on close under ‘Configure’
* Multiple bug fixes
* New localizations: Portuguese

Known Issues:

* Invalid Browser Detected
* I cannot install TwitterBerry: Error 403
* I cannot install TwitterBerry: Error 406
* Invalid username/password errors after installation
* BlackBerry Storm does not rotate to landscape mode

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Twitter: Connecting with People (Nan the Power User)


Nan Palmero the Power User

Twitter user Nan Palmero

Welcome to the first installment of Nan the Power User. You’ll see me pop in from time to time with reviews, tips, tricks and ideas with a business twist. I’m the Chief Inspiration Officer at Salesby5, a marketing and consulting group in San Antonio, TX, where we dramatically increase sales for companies and organizations. Additionally, I am quite the BlackBerry fanboy/evangelist. I’ll welcome feedback and new ideas; I always like to try new things! One of my weapons of choice in connecting with others is to use Twitter.

Twitter: Connecting with People