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A Quick Review of 50 Applications for the BlackBerry Torch


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How many apps do you have on your device? Turns out I have 50. I thought I would go through each one of them with a very quick, one sentence review of each. If you go through the list and know an app that’s better than the one I have, please recommend in the comments. I wouldn’t recommend this many apps as I find the device a little on the sluggish side. If you want your Torch running at full speed, it’s probably best to keep it to a minimal number of apps that you use on a constant basis. Click through for a quick review of 50 apps for the Torch:
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UberMedia Apps UberTwitter, UberCurrent and Twidroyd Suspended by Twitter


UberMedia has been acquiring Twitter clients such as UberTwitter and Twidroyd, and they’re on the verge of acquiring TweetDeck. They have spent millions of dollars acquiring these apps in an attempt to control the discussion and if their TweetDeck acquisition goes through, they’ll own something like 20% of all tweets. Their strategy is obviously rubbing Twitter the wrong way, as the company has suspended these apps from accessing the API.

Twitter sent the following message:
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UberTwitter Acquired by PostUp and Becomes Part of UberMedia


It’s not that often an app gets acquired but it’s great when it does happen. Especially for an app that has to compete with first party services like UberTwitter, which was acquired by PostUp. The acquisition puts UberTwitter in PostUps network of Twitter clients for multiple platforms which they call UberMedia, and rounds out their offerings for BlackBerry. PostUp, which focuses on building a platform to allow for easy user discovery, and helps people build up their follower list, will hopefully invest and continue to build up UberTwitter.