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UberTwitter turns off ads amidst Twitter outrage



When UberTwitter released their Beta 4, the news that it came with ads was somewhat buried in the announcement. While the ad wasn’t terribly annoying, users were more upset that they felt a little deceived. Also, as one user pointed out, it is a little bold to serve ads in a product that’s still in beta.

Well the folks at UberTwitter have been listening and they have turned off the ads in their Beta 4. You may have to battery pull or clear the cache for the changes to take effect. Here are some of their Tweets confirming:

“We will be turning the ads in UberTwitter off until we can offer an ad-free option, we have heard you all loud and clear!”

“Ads are now off, select ‘exit’, then re-enter uber, it will retrv one more ad, then that will be it.”

Somewhat funny that the Tweets came from the web, not UberTwitter.

[Hat tip Shaun C.]