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UberTwitter is Back as UberSocial – Violations Explained by Twitter



UberMedia is back online and back in the Twitter good books after they made some adjustments to their applications and the way they access the Twitter API. You can now download UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter) and get your tweets on.
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UberMedia Apps UberTwitter, UberCurrent and Twidroyd Suspended by Twitter


UberMedia has been acquiring Twitter clients such as UberTwitter and Twidroyd, and they’re on the verge of acquiring TweetDeck. They have spent millions of dollars acquiring these apps in an attempt to control the discussion and if their TweetDeck acquisition goes through, they’ll own something like 20% of all tweets. Their strategy is obviously rubbing Twitter the wrong way, as the company has suspended these apps from accessing the API.

Twitter sent the following message:
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UberTwitter Acquired by PostUp and Becomes Part of UberMedia



It’s not that often an app gets acquired but it’s great when it does happen. Especially for an app that has to compete with first party services like UberTwitter, which was acquired by PostUp. The acquisition puts UberTwitter in PostUps network of Twitter clients for multiple platforms which they call UberMedia, and rounds out their offerings for BlackBerry. PostUp, which focuses on building a platform to allow for easy user discovery, and helps people build up their follower list, will hopefully invest and continue to build up UberTwitter.

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UberTwitter Out of Beta with Improved Facebook Posting and Bit.ly Pro



UberTwitter is finally out of the beta cycle and they have a few new features including dismissible ads. With the fact that you can easily tap an ad out of the way, and they’re not even that intrusive to begin with, you wonder why anyone would pay the yearly $4.99 subscription. In any case, with the free version you get all the premium features including the most recently added features such as:
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Nexage Sets Bar for RIM Ad SDK with Ad-Supported Apps Getting 95%+ Fill Rate


curtis sasaki shows off RIM's ad network in 2009

Nexage announced that they have integrated with apps such as crunchSMS, ÜberTwitter, and ScoreMobile, and they have increased their fill rates to 95+%. For example, ÜberTwitter, which launched a new version of its application with Nexage Mediation in July 2010, watched its fill rate jump from 60% to 98+% in August, 2010.

It should be interesting to see how these advertising services perform with respect to RIM’s ad service, and whether developers will jump ship. Also, it’s been shown on other platforms that in-app purchasing results in more revenue for developers, so the ad-supported app route isn’t necessarily a good direction for developers. On the other hand, apps like Poynt rely on ad revenue and are apparently happy with RIM’s offerings.

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UberTwitter Updated with Themes and UberChannels Feature


Seesmic isn’t the only Twitter app that has recently been updated. UberTwitter has recently updated Beta 8 and is available in both App World and as a direct download. UberTwitter does a great job of having an enormous change log each time they update and the guys are clearly hard at work to make it a solid application. Some of the latest features include:

  • New user interface
  • Themes
  • UberChannels – live streams from respected sources on a variety of topics.

Grab the latest version of UberTwitter from the boys themselves. Click through after the jump to read a full change log of the latest update.
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