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UberTwitter Beta 8 Now Available with Unique Twitter Features


ubertwitter beta 8

UberTwitter Beta 8 is now available for download and it has some cool features that are very unique to BlackBerry Twitter clients. One particularly cool feature, is the ability to mute Twitter users so that you can continue to follow them, but their tweets will not show up in your timeline. This is a great new feature because it allows you to maintain the courtesy of following a user, without having to actually read their messages. You can have this feature expire as well, so you only have the user muted for ‘x’ number of days.

Another cool feature in UberTwitter Beta 8 is the ability to add and remove items from what’s called the “UberBar”. The UberBar has the basic Twitter navigation including @ replies, direct messages and the timeline. You can add trending topics, searches as well as users to your UberBar in order to better manage your timeline and users. Overall, it’s features like these that are going to get users to change over from their current Twitter app of choice. Users probably aren’t married to any one Twitter client and as long as companies are continually innovating, the users will come.

To download UberTwitter Beta 8, head over to http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php.

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UberTwitter Version 0.970 Available for Download


UberTwitter have launched version 0.970 and they’ve included a nice changelog for those looking to see what specific updates and fixes have occurred. Some of the notable updates include the ability to opt out of sponsored tweets, delete direct messages and they’ve added a new shortcut for scrolling up your timeline (press ‘0’). Click the jump to see the full changelog.

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UberTwitter Beta-7 Now Available for Download



UberTwitter have released their Beta-7 and have provided a nice long change log to go with it. It seems a lot of work has gone into this latest release and I hope they’re making some good coin on their ads. With the Official BlackBerry Twitter client going private beta just yesterday, UberTwitter are showing them just how high the bar is set.

Download UberTwitter Beta-7 for your BlackBerry.
Click through for the change log

UberTwitter Updated with Lists, TwitLonger, Tabs and More



UberTwitter is on of the best free Twitter clients for BlackBerry and they have just updated their Beta to 6 with some major features. You won’t find this update in the app so be sure to head to the site and grab it OTA.

Here are some of the latest feaures:

  • Lists – You can create, delete, subscribe, add members, view members, all the functionality you would expect of an Über mobile client.
  • Find People – You can search for people, just like the ‘Find People’ link on Twitter’s home page.
  • New Icon
  • Über Bar – This is a tab bar at the top of the screen, the neat thing is that you can add your own tabs. A list can be a tab, users timelines, and soon saved searches.

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Free Twitter app Seesmic uses yfrog for pics



Seesmic is a free Twitter app that is like UberTwitter but without the ads. The service has been around for a little while now and they recently announced their partnership with yfrog to offer pics.

One of the upsides of the app is that it offers one click URL shortening, but as a downside, it does not offer Tweetvid functionality. If you’re a big yfrog user this could be for you.

UPDATE: Sorry about that, you can change the media provider to use Twitpic in the settings.

Just go to Seesmic.com from your BlackBerry to Download the app.

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Top 10 BlackBerry Apps for the Mobile Worker


FireceMobileIT have published their Top 10 BlackBerry Apps for the Mobile Worker and it has some really useful apps that are worth checking out.

Here are their Top Ten:

1. Call Time Tracker – Helps business professionals keep track of their time on their BlackBerry so they can better bill their clients. (FREE)

2. Nice Office – A cool app that turns your BlackBerry into a virtual mobile office. Manage your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Store forms and documents online and send them directly to your customers and more. (FREE)

3. Exgis Expense Tracker – Exgis Expense Tracker is an easy-to-use productivity tool that lets you track your expenses from your BlackBerry as soon as they are incurred. ($4.99)

4. Personal Assistant – Helps you keep track of spending by tracking all of your online accounts. (FREE)

5. Poynt – One of the best LBS apps for BlackBerry and with their upcoming features they’ll be even better. (FREE)

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