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Improving mobile network speeds from an end user perspective



EDITORS NOTE: This article was provided by Flash Networks to demonstrate how their optimization techniques speed up mobile browsing.

Only one-third of mobile Internet users are satisfied with the user experience. Speed of response is the number one complaint. As a result, operators are continuously competing to advertise the fastest download rates and invest significant resources in upgrading their networks. How much of this investment is really reflected in the end user experience?

Available bandwidth vs. actual speed

Research conducted in the UK in June 2009 by broadband benchmarking firm, Epitiro, revealed that the average download rate in high speed networks (HSDPA) in the UK is just under 1 Mbit/s (0.9 Mbit/s, to be exact), only 24% of the advertised download speed and 34% slower than speeds achieved on equivalent ADSL broadband services.

While bandwidth dramatically increases as networks evolve, website download time is not reduced to the same extent. In a comparison of HSDPA 7.2 with HSDPA 3.6, download time was reduced by only 6% (based on lab results from large Asia Pacific mobile operator), demonstrating that bandwidth is not the main bottleneck anymore.
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Poynt local search application now available in the UK



Poynt is a great app that you can use daily. When we took a look at the app at WES 2009, we saw a ton of cool features, many of which have not yet launched but should be unofficially coming this summer (just a guess). Currently, you can search local businesses, people and movie theaters. Soon, you’ll have access to a complete restaurant search and booking service powered by Open Table.

Other features include:

  • GPS functionality has been optimized to provide faster accurate locates.
  • Cell-site locates allow Poynt to quickly access a user’s general location while awaiting a GPS lock.
  • Poynt is fully integrated with both BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps.
  • Poynt integrates with Gokivo Navigator to provide turn-by-turn voice navigation.
  • Users can add frequently accessed listings to their BlackBerry Contact List, providing convenience for future lookups.
  • Poynt is a free app and it’s available by hitting m.mypoynt.com from your BlackBerry browser.


    BlackBerry Curve 8310 OS officially released



    How have you been liking your BlackBerry Curve 8310? It must be hard living without 3G or WiFi but at least you’re working with a sweet keyboard. You can’t go wrong with the classic 83xx QWERTY.

    Upgrade your BlackBerry Curve 8310 with an official OS update to version which is now available from 02 UK.

    Worried about updating? It’s so easy. You can read a How To or just follow these simple steps:

    • Download the OS file.
    • Run the file.
    • Connect your BlackBerry.
    • Run Desktop Manager.
    • Search for updates and install.

    Download OS for your BlackBerry Curve 8310 from O2 UK.



    Pay as you go BlackBerry Pearl 8120 on Orange UK


    The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is the perfect beginner’s smartphone. It comes complete with camera, video recording, Wi-Fi capabilities and expandable memory. The device is available for £139.99 and it comes with £20 top up voucher.

    Make money testing BlackBerry apps on 02 UK


    It’s not just developers who can earn cash from mobile apps, the pleebs can too! O2 in the UK has unveiled an app store that lets mobile phone users earn money by testing apps for their handsets and providing feedback to the developers. So all that time you spend in the blogosphere, testing Betas and giving back to the community can finally pay off. The site is live for customers and O2 has been asking for developers to contribute since back in December. Check out Mob4Hire for an idea of how the payment system will work.



    Orange UK launches Pay As You Go Blackberry


    Orange UK has confirmed that the Blackberry Pearl 8120 will be available on a Pay As You Go plan. From early February, Orange will be the first operator in the UK to offer Blackberry on Pay As You Go. The handset will cost £145, and the monthly BlackBerry Internet Service will cost £5. There will also be a color exclusive to the Pearl – indigo! Depending on how this launch goes, Orange UK will consider extending the offer to other Blackberry models in the not too distant future.

    Stay tuned to Orange UK’s official site for the press release tomorrow.