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Orange UK launching BlackBerry pay-as-you-go soon


Even though Orange is thinking about pulling the BlackBerry Bold from its device lineup, the carrier is still fully committed to BlackBerry, though at a decidedly more low cost scale. Our pal Ronen from BerryReview has noticed that Orange UK has posted the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in Titanium and Indigo as ‘coming soon’ with a pay-as-you-go option. As you probably remember, RIM ceo-Jim Balsillie indicated during the fiscal Q3 2009 conference call that pre-paid BlackBerry options would be a growing trend worldwide.

Pricing information is unavailable at this time, but you can hit the link below to sign up for email notifications from Orange.

Orange UK BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Pay As You Go

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Orange UK considering pulling BlackBerry Bold – again


BlackBerry Bold

When we first reported that Orange UK was suspending BlackBerry Bold shipments due to ongoing technical problems — unexplained crashes, poor reception and dropped calls — it was a serious blow to RIM. Flagship products are supposed to be, well, a company’s standard bearer, and (on Orange UK at least) the BlackBerry Bold was waving the white flag.

However, at the time the issues were attributed to a launch OS that was… less than robust. Orange reinstated the BlackBerry Bold with the updated OS, but this has apparently not solved the problem. We hope for RIM’s sake that they can get this situation under control before Orange pulls the Bold permanently, but Orange customers deserve a BlackBerry that works. Perhaps an update to a new OS ( perhaps?) will get the job done.

|via Telegraph UK|

SlingPlayer for BlackBerry public beta coming December 30th


Anyone familiar with SlingPlayer should be chomping very excited that it will soon be available for BlackBerry. That’s right, Sling Media announced late last night that SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry will enter public beta beginning December 30th. The public beta will be available to BlackBerry users in the US, Canada and UK initially. Here’s a list of supported BlackBerrys for the public beta:

    * BlackBerry Bold
    * BlackBerry Curve 8900
    * BlackBerry 8820
    * BlackBerry Curve 8320
    * BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
    * BlackBerry Pearl 8120

Note: SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry requires OS 4.5 or higher! For more information make sure to check out http://www.slingmedia.com/go/blackberry.


Samsung hires former RIM exec Marcus Stone


Samsung has made a play to improve their enterprise market share today, naming former RIM executive Marcus Stone as the head of Smartphones UK and Ireland. Stone had held several sales and marketing positions during his seven years at RIM. Derek Williamson, Samsung’s general manager, while announcing the new hire, also addressed the need to specifically target the enterprise market.

Williamson said: ‘As we grow more rapidly within the UK smartphone market, it is critical that we assign more time and focus on this sector. We already have an exciting smartphone portfolio with an extensive range, and we have plenty more to come with some incredible products planned for next year.’

I guess there is more than one reason why RIM is hiring.

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BlackBerry Curve coming to Carphone Warehouse December 20th


With all the BlackBerry Storm launch news overtaking Canada, BlackBerry Cool has sadly neglected BlackBerry launches in the rest of the world. No longer! Expect this to be the first of many launch posts.

Carphone Warehouse and RIM announced that the BlackBerry Curve 8900 will go on sale on December 20th in UK stores nationwide and on their website, www.carphonewarehouse.com.

Ross Yealland, Head of New Propositions at The Carphone Warehouse said “The new BlackBerry Curve 8900 is destined to become a stylish must have phone. We predict both new and existing customers will be fighting to get their hands on one from launch.”

Our UK friends will be able to get the BlackBerry Curve 8900 for free on an 18 month contract and £35.00 line rental. Sounds like a great price for the next-gen Curve.

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS update now available!


While most Verizon Storm users are wondering why they would receive a text message telling them to upgrade to an OS that isn’t available yet, Vodafone Germany did the smart thing and just posted OS on their website! You can click the link below to download and get updating – OS should give Storm 9500 users quite a boost in stability.

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS update

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