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Sprint to release BlackBerry Niagara this quarter?


While pretty much any GSM subscriber in the world that wants a BlackBerry Bold can now easily get one from their carrier, things have not been so easy for those CDMA subscribers. Our poor friends on Sprint and Verizon (and Telus and Bell) have been waiting patiently for world on release dates of the BlackBerry Niagara (the CDMA Bold/8830 successor), but news has been slim since early October.

Thankfully, Engadget Mobile is reporting that Sprint is looking to release the BlackBerry Niagara sometime this quarter. The CDMA Bold variant would feature a 3.2 MPx camera, aGPS, Wi-Fi, EV-DO Rev. A, a gorgeous HVGA screen and possibly an updated design to make it similar in style to the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Storm. Obviously, ‘this quarter’ is fairly vague, but I know it will make at least one person happy. We’ll post more as it comes!

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T-Mobile to get BlackBerry Curve 8900 February 18th?


The Boy Genius has posted a screen capture which apparently reveals T-Mobile’s winter handset releases. Nestled among the myriad devices is the BlackBerry Curve 8900, with a posted release date of February 18th. Time will tell if the release date is accurate, but it certainly would be a nice Valentine’s Day gift for T-Mobile subscribers.

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SlingPlayer for BlackBerry public beta coming December 30th


Anyone familiar with SlingPlayer should be chomping very excited that it will soon be available for BlackBerry. That’s right, Sling Media announced late last night that SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry will enter public beta beginning December 30th. The public beta will be available to BlackBerry users in the US, Canada and UK initially. Here’s a list of supported BlackBerrys for the public beta:

    * BlackBerry Bold
    * BlackBerry Curve 8900
    * BlackBerry 8820
    * BlackBerry Curve 8320
    * BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
    * BlackBerry Pearl 8120

Note: SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry requires OS 4.5 or higher! For more information make sure to check out http://www.slingmedia.com/go/blackberry.

BlackBerry Curve 8350i hands on impressions


BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Considering how much iDEN BlackBerry subscribers have been frothing at the mouth over news of the just-launched BlackBerry Curve 8350i, I would assume most of you bought the device without waiting for a hands on impression post. However, there are probably just as many of you that have been burned by Sprint in the past and are wondering if the Curve is a worthy iDEN successor. Heck, I just had to explain to a BlackBerry Cool reader what Nextel is, so I’m not taking anything for granted.

After hooking up the ‘Cool with some unboxing shots, we tasked our main man Mike with playing with all the Curves shown above for some worthwhile impressions. He’s going to keep giving updates, so make sure to post any questions you want to have answered. You can find everything after the jump.

BlackBerry Curve 8350i hands on impressions

Sprint launches BlackBerry Curve 8350i


Christmas came just a little bit early for Sprint/Nextel subscribers, who finally have a new iDEN BlackBerry. Sprint and RIM officially announced the push-to-talk enabled BlackBerry Curve 8350i this morning, while Sprint’s online ordering page has been up since late last night (thanks to everyone who sent this in).

“The BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphone is the most recent example of our solid commitment to iDEN technology and our Nextel Direct Connect customers,” said Danny Bowman, president of Nextel Direct Connect. “The BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphone is designed for customers who require instant convenient push-to-talk services to communicate with friends and family as well as with employees, customers and suppliers. The BlackBerry Curve 8350i is a premium smartphone that strikes a perfect balance between performance and usability.”

Confirming the pricing information we broke earlier this year, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i is being sold for $149.99 with a two-year contract. If you want the iDEN BlackBerry now, you must order online, as the device won’t be available in stores nationwide until January 11th.

Head to Sprint.com to order yours now.

GPS now unlock for Verizon BlackBerry 8130 and 8330 (BlackBerry Bytes)


A bunch of people have sent us emails that Verizon has now unlocked the GPS functionality for the BlackBerry 8130 and 8330. This will allow Verizon subscribers to finally use BlackBerry Maps (by selecting the ‘internal GPS’ option in your settings)! However, Google Maps will not work as Verizon deems it a ‘security risk’.

You’re going to need OS 4.5 to experience GPS freedom on your Verizon BlackBerry. Thankfully, we have all the information you need to upgrade to OS 4.5 at the links below.

BlackBerry OS 4.5 now available from BlackBerry.com/Upgrades. No, seriously.
How To: Upgrade your BlackBerry Software