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New Rogers data plans


The data plans that have been in the cooker since January are finally seeing the light of day for BlackBerry. $30 for 300 MB and $50 for 500 MB are the main flavours, but differ a little bit. The $50 plan is Flex, meaning if you go over your allotment, Rogers will bump you up to the next tier. Not bad, but still not unlimited. We got a look at some of the internal marketing docs, and they had some pretty interesting demographical info, claiming less than 1% of users go over 100 MB monthly, meaning their $30 plan is more than enough for regular users. To be fair, that’s because it’s been stupidly expensive to get a 100 MB plan – now that you’re offering it for way cheaper, data services are much more accessible, so capping 300 MB is entirely possible. Oh, another lil caveat – these plans aren’t available for BES users, BIS only. How do you guys do on your monthly data usage?

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Verizon offers unlimited data without voice


PhoneScoop posted about some new data-only plans from Verizon. The BlackBerry and PDA plans are $54.99/month and offer unlimited text, IM, picture and video messaging, email, web browsing, and data usage, with a $0.25/minute charge for calls. The “Consumer Devices” plan is exactly the same, except it doesn’t offer email and charges $0.40/minute for voice features. Of course, Version’s definition of “unlimited” is a little odd, so keep an eye on the fine print. That said, unlimited everything plans are starting to pop up elsewhere, so hopefully we’ll see this sort of thing with other big names.

BlackBerry SlingPlayer launches beta sign-up


SlingMediaSlingPlayer has opened the gates for application to test out its new TV software for BlackBerry that made such a splash at CES this year. You can sign up for the beta when it’s ready over here, but you you’ll probably need a SlingBox hooked up to your TV already in order to participate, and an unlimited data plan will likely be necessary. Still, it’s a big step for streaming video on BlackBerry, and hopefully not the last.

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UPDATED: Telus 8130 hits online store, Ottawa gets in early


Telus 8130Canadians rejoice! Telus has opened up the BlackBerry 8130 for sale, $199.99 with a three year hook in your cheek. Side-loading microSD slot, 2 mpx camera, EVDO compatibility, GPS, A2DP, and comes bundled with not only the lovely new Facebook app, but also Pocket Express. A solid release combined with Telus’ generally rosy third quarter report paints a pretty picture for this carrier’s near future. Props to BlackBerry Sync for nailing the dates and deets.

UPDATE: With a bit of smooth talking, yours truly got the Telus folks here in Ottawa to crack open their shipment early. The rep I talked with hadn’t touched a BlackBerry before, so she was just about as excited as I was to give it a shot.

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