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Rogers Changes Corporate Stance – Now Offering to Unlock Devices for $50 Fee



Until today, Rogers never offered their customers the ability to unlock their devices because, well, why should they give you the tools to go to another carrier? Here at BlackBerryCool, we’ve always supported the unlocking industry because we believe you should be able to take your smartphone wherever the best deal exists. Rogers Corporate has changed their stance on unlocking as of today and are offering to unlock your device for a $50 fee. The $50 fee is completely ludicrous considering how easy it is to find a deal online, but you have to commend Rogers on finally changing their stance. The price will surely come down in the near future. Hit the jump for the notice given to Rogers staff internally that we scored from RogersDude69.
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Telus and Bell Blackberry Unlock Codes Get more Complicated



The Bell Blackberry Bold 9700 has a new lock on it called the Service Provider (SP) lock. Both the original “Network” lock aka MEP2, and the new SP lock aka MEP4, are needed to unlock the Bell 9700 now. We’ve found 2 methods to do it and blogged about it on our site.

Through the eyes of a cell phone unlocker, it seems that RIM is always making an effort to tighten security on their new Blackberry devices. This time it has gone beyond RIM, with Bell and soon TELUS adding new locks on their Blackberry phones.

We like to call them “MEP4? locks instead the old MEP2 that we’ve grown so fond of. It has already been implemented on the Bell 9700 which has 2 locks – the network lock and the Service Provider (SP) lock. Unlock code developers, crackers and hackers are still in the process of developing a quick and “Instant” method for unlocking these MEP4 codes. Although we are able to unlock the Bell Blackberry Bold 9700, it’s interesting to see that RIM, Rogers and T-mobile are still using MEP2 codes for the Rogers Blackberry Bold 9700 and T-mobile Blackberry Bold 9700.
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Beware the Infamous Roaming Charges



By Josh A.

If you frequent any gadget forums, you’ve probably heard the stories of executives and teenagers alike racking up tens of thousands of dollars worth of dollars worth of roaming and data charges while traveling.

The most recent high-profile example of this was when Mythbuster Adam Savage was charged $11,000 for using mobile data while in Canada.

These insane charges aren’t reserved only for the rich and famous, however.  There are countless stories of average people like you and me.

It’s a shame that so many people get hit with these incredible charges when they’re so easy to avoid without giving up the use of your phone.  

Unlocking services such as UniquePhones allow you to switch out a prepaid SIM card for the country or countries you’re visiting.

In the spirit of helping our readers rid themselves of these fees forever, UniquePhones is offering an exclusive coupon to BlackBerry Cool users: simply enter the coupon BBCROAM at checkout for a 30% savings on your unlock.

If you ever use your phone in another country, it’s insanity not to do it on an unlocked phone with a local SIM.

We hope that our readers never see these ridiculous roaming charges again, but we’d love to hear your horror stories about surprise cell phone charges.

How to Unlock a Sprint BlackBerry Tour 9630



Today I received my Sprint BlackBerry Tour and it’s amazing. But, you’re not here for a review, you’re here because you want to unlock your Sprint BlackBerry Tour. Here’s what you do. Thanks to my friend at CIO.com, Al Sacco, I knew the steps to unlocking it. Fortunately, the good folks at Sprint will walk you through the process as well. Here’s what I did to unlock the SIM slot on the Sprint BlackBerry Tour.

1. Call Sprint International Support – (817) 698-4199, prompt #2
2. Ask them if they’d kindly unlock your SIM slot on your BlackBerry Tour
3. Turn off your wireless network connection on the Tour (yes, you’ll have to call from another phone)
4. Click on Options > Advanced Options > SIM Card
5. Type MEPD
6. Type MEP2
7. The representative should give you a 16-digit code
8. Thank the representative for their help
9. Reboot your phone and you’re ready to go

There you have it! It took me about 5 minutes to get my phone unlocked. I tested my Sprint BlackBerry Tour with a T-Mobile SIM card and was able to access the web, use BlackBerry Messenger and send and receive messages.

As seen on Nan Palmero | BlackBerry Power User

Wireless Usage and Roaming Survey – support the unlocking industry



Cellfservices Wireless Usage and Roaming Survey – Are we ripping ourselves off?

On May 22, 2009, Cellfservices took a survey on wireless usage and travel. The wireless carriers are not to blame since they are doing their job, running a successful business. But what are we doing to ourselves? Is this sign true? Are we ripping ourselves off? Let’s find out…

After some extensive research, approximately 70% of cell phone users in Asia are using unlocked phones. In Europe, approximately 80% use unlocked mobile devices. Finally, North America is in last place with a whopping 5% of unlocked cell phone users. Bloggers, theorists as well as tech gurus think that it’s primarily because wireless phone providers in North America provide massive subsidies on hardware in return for an extension of their contract. Makes sense doesn’t it? Another interesting fact: people in Europe and Asia are more willing than North Americans to spend $600-$700+ USD on unlocked mobile devices, while we’re a little more hesitant. So what’s stopping us from purchasing a $20-$60 unlock code to give us mobile freedom when traveling?

Here are the answers that I’ve heard from some clients, friends and the random end users I meet in coffee shops etc. Underneath, I’ve left my own comments.
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Take a quick survey and get a discount on BlackBerry unlock codes


Out BlackBerry unlock partner, Cellfservices are looking for help with a short, 5 question survey on wireless usage and travel

Along with the survey, Cellfservices is giving out a coupon code “roamfree” that will discount $12 from all Blackberry unlock codes.

The prices will look like this after the coupon code is applied:

AT&T – $9.99
Fido – $9.99
Rogers – $9.99
T-mobile – $9.99
Verizon – $22.99
Vodafone UK – $17.99
Canadian Locked Storm – $44.99
Blackberry Worldwide (Listed) – $32.99
Blackberry Worldwide (Unlisted) – $47.99

Take the survey for cheap BlackBerry unlock codes.