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Discount BlackBerry unlock codes with BlackBerry Cool coupon


blackberry 8800 unlocked

We’ve recently partnered with Cellfservices to provide you with a discount BlackBerry unlocking solution. The coupon code gets you 25% off all unlock codes. This includes an additional 25% off all special sale prices as well.

Unlock your BlackBerry with the ‘bbcool2009′ coupon code. The coupon code is valid until December 31, 2009.

Here are some updates you’ll find at Cellfservices:

  • Credit card and PayPal checkouts
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Shopping cart integration
  • SSL 256 bit certificate to properly secure and encrypt all payments for credit card users


Unlocking a BlackBerry Storm – some interesting facts


blackberry storm

Sam from Cellfservices sent me a great email explaining some of the process behind unlocking a BlackBerry Storm. The following comes from his email to me:

When unlocking a BlackBerry Storm, the unlock process will only unlock the GSM portion of the phone. Because the Storm is Tri-Band, it allows users to use the GSM network in their own country as well.

The dual-band Blackberry 8830s will only work in Asia and Europe. We are able to unlock those as well and have unlocked hundreds of them , but it is a bit more of an arduous project. For example, Verizon masks the last digit of their IMEI always as zero on their 8830s, so we have to read the file through a shared usb program. Most of our international users are willing to do that, but I find that most North American end users do not want to go through the trouble when they can’t even use it in their own home country.

Also, CDMA can be unlocked through programming, but not through code. Most CDMA service providers (Sprint, Verizon, Bell, Telus) will not allow users to use phones outside of their own network since it needs to be manually activated by a representative.

Another interesting fact to note, is that TELUS and Bell definitely will not allow an unlock. Apparently, in the USA, people were changing Sprint ESNs to take over old Verizon ESNs so they could technically ‘mask’ what phone they were using. I’m not sure why, but people would only go from Sprint to Verizon, and not the other way around. To my best knowledge, changing the ESN on a phone is illegal in all North American countries. What the people are saying is: ”Verizon knew, but they didn’t care.”

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Unlock your BlackBerry at great discount prices


If you’re looking to unlock your BlackBerry, we have set up a partnership with the good people at cellfservices.com to provide you with great deals and discounts for unlocking your device. Here are some of the prices you can expect:

AT&T, T-mobile USA, Rogers and Fido Blackberrys: $9.99
Verizon Storm: $19.99
Bell/Telus Storm: $34.99
List of 96 other Worldwide Providers Blackberry: $24.99

Go to our BlackBerry Cool and Cellfservices BlackBerry unlocking page for more details.


How to unlock a Bell or TELUS BlackBerry Storm


TELUS storm large

Unlocking the BlackBerry Storm has been a real pain for consumers. Since the TELUS and Bell Storm devices were released, they have been a success in the consumer market, which also means there has been a large demand to have them unlocked.

The Verizon 9530’s were unlockable, allowing us to use their tri-band phone on the Rogers network here in Canada. Sadly, we could not say the same for Bell and TELUS devices. Attempts at hacking the device have been met with failure. A team in the UK that was charging 15 GBP to unlock any BlackBerry, tried to crack the TELUS and Bell Storms, but were unsuccessful. A few companies managed to find an unlock solution for the 9530 from TELUS and Bell, however, it stopped all data on the devices from working.

Now all that has changed.

I was recently contacted by a company cellfservices.com who say they are now able to unlock TELUS and Bell Storms. The unlock typically takes about 1-3 weeks, and the process is slightly more expensive than your typical unlock, The process has been tested on 34 devices and has been working flawlessly.

Check them out here.

Unlocking your BlackBerry in the Chinese underground


Chinese underground

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that I’m in Montreal to get some BlackBerrys unlocked. The city is only 2 hours away from BBCool headquarters in Ottawa, so I took the bus to meet some unlocking companies I found online. The first company I went to was run by a guy called Chin and what seemed to be his cousins. The place was located on the 3rd floor of a nondescript building near some strip clubs.

[Side Note: Strip clubs in Montreal offer a great lunch buffet. The meal is all you can eat for $6 and entertainment is on a purely tip basis. Very affordable. At least that’s what I’ve heard.]
Continue reading my travels into the underbelly of the BlackBerry world

How to unlock your BlackBerry via carrier


Unlocking your device via the carrier is the easiest way to unlock a BlackBerry. If you want to unlock a device that your carrier will not unlock, you have to find a site that will do it for you. These sites sometimes lose customers because it involves giving out your IMEI number, and although it’s a safe process, people are wary. That being said, here is a step by step guide to getting your device unlocked, the safe and hassle free way:

1. Call your carrier.
2. Ask for the MEP code.
3. Give them your IMEI number.
4. To get your IMEI number, type this on your phone, *#06#, and it should pop up.
5. Once you get your MEP code, turn off your wireless radio on your phone.
7. Then go to ADVANCE OPTIONS.
8. Then go to SIM CARD.
9. Type “MEPD” on your phone.
10. You should see “Network as Active”
11. Hold SHIFT + type “MEPE” or “MEP2″
12. You should see “Network as Disabled”
13. You are now the proud owner of an unlocked Blackberry