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Retailers Report Strong Demand for the BlackBerry Z10


The BlackBerry Z10 has launched at a handful of carriers over the past week in Canada, the UAE and the UK. Every one of them is reporting strong demand which isn’t surprising because of how many people have been waiting for the device to launch. The demand is further fuelled by a high aftermarket demand from regions not yet selling the BlackBerry Z10.
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Beware the Infamous Roaming Charges



By Josh A.

If you frequent any gadget forums, you’ve probably heard the stories of executives and teenagers alike racking up tens of thousands of dollars worth of dollars worth of roaming and data charges while traveling.

The most recent high-profile example of this was when Mythbuster Adam Savage was charged $11,000 for using mobile data while in Canada.

These insane charges aren’t reserved only for the rich and famous, however.  There are countless stories of average people like you and me.

It’s a shame that so many people get hit with these incredible charges when they’re so easy to avoid without giving up the use of your phone.  

Unlocking services such as UniquePhones allow you to switch out a prepaid SIM card for the country or countries you’re visiting.

In the spirit of helping our readers rid themselves of these fees forever, UniquePhones is offering an exclusive coupon to BlackBerry Cool users: simply enter the coupon BBCROAM at checkout for a 30% savings on your unlock.

If you ever use your phone in another country, it’s insanity not to do it on an unlocked phone with a local SIM.

We hope that our readers never see these ridiculous roaming charges again, but we’d love to hear your horror stories about surprise cell phone charges.

TELUS BlackBerry Tour 9630 unlocked



My TELUS BlackBerry Tour 9630 has been unlocked by the good folks at Cellfservices.com and it’s working smoothly. It’s still relatively expensive to get your device unlocked, but that’s just because it’s such a new device. It’s expensive being an early adopter. Unlocking your Tour costs:

Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 – $21.99
Telus and Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630 (0-72 hours) – $71.99

Some other unlocking prices include:

All AT&T phones except Nokias – $7.97
All Fido phones except Samsung – $9.99
All Rogers phones except iPhone and LG Neon – $9.99
Verizon Storm – $17.99
Telus and Bell Storm 1-3 weeks – $56.99
T-mobile Blackberrys – $7.97
Telus and Bell Storm Express 24-72 hours – $74.99
Verizon Tour – $21.99
Telus and Bell Tour 0-72 hours – $71.99

Get your BlackBerry unlocked at a great price.


Wireless Usage and Roaming Survey – support the unlocking industry



Cellfservices Wireless Usage and Roaming Survey – Are we ripping ourselves off?

On May 22, 2009, Cellfservices took a survey on wireless usage and travel. The wireless carriers are not to blame since they are doing their job, running a successful business. But what are we doing to ourselves? Is this sign true? Are we ripping ourselves off? Let’s find out…

After some extensive research, approximately 70% of cell phone users in Asia are using unlocked phones. In Europe, approximately 80% use unlocked mobile devices. Finally, North America is in last place with a whopping 5% of unlocked cell phone users. Bloggers, theorists as well as tech gurus think that it’s primarily because wireless phone providers in North America provide massive subsidies on hardware in return for an extension of their contract. Makes sense doesn’t it? Another interesting fact: people in Europe and Asia are more willing than North Americans to spend $600-$700+ USD on unlocked mobile devices, while we’re a little more hesitant. So what’s stopping us from purchasing a $20-$60 unlock code to give us mobile freedom when traveling?

Here are the answers that I’ve heard from some clients, friends and the random end users I meet in coffee shops etc. Underneath, I’ve left my own comments.
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How to set up your new unlocked BlackBerry (ASK JOE)



“I got a Curve 8900 from T-Mobile and have it unlocked for use on AT&T. Now what… Is there a good answer. I am reading everything from just put in SIM, download generic service books, wipe device, download OS delete vendor file. Please help.”

You have got it down, that’s exactly what you do. But you may also want to configure your APN to work with AT&T’s network.

Options> Advanced Options> TCP/IP. APN should say APN: wap.cingular Username:WAP@CINGULARGPS.COM Password: CINGULAR1

Something else that may make life easier is AT&T had begun sending out its own carrier specific service books for the 8900, so you may be able to bypass all the headache of manually setting up your T-Mobile Branded 8900 for use on AT&T’s network!

Thanks for the question Mike.


(If you have a BlackBerry question, leave it for me in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it.)