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The Economic Implications of Making Cell Phone Unlocking Illegal


The Librarian of Congress, though the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) has decided that unauthorized unlocking of cellphones would be illegal and provided a 90-day window for compliance. The window closes tomorrow and with that, we’re curious about the implications for not only consumers, but the unlocking industry. There’s potentially thousands of jobs that are affected by an attempt on the part of the government to shut down the unlocking industry. Is this legislation good for the economy in the long run? We reached out to our friends at unlockcodes.com to get their reaction. Read on for more.
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Unsupported BlackBerry Storm and Tours on T-Mobile Losing Service


A lot of users are reporting that their BlackBerry Storm and Tours are no longer running on the T-Mobile network, and some have asked us to republish this story. Currently, T-Mobile does not support the Storm or Tour, but some users are running unlocked devices on the network. While many users are suggesting this is an attempt to lock out unsupported devices on the network, the real reason is probably much more simple. What likely happened is that the service books that allow certain devices to run on the T-Mobile network were updated improperly, killing a subset of devices. Stay tuned because they’ll like solve this issue shortly.

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Win free unlock codes from UniquePhones



UniquePhones is running a contest for BlackBerry Cool readers called the 3-2-1 Contest. The company is giving away 20 free unlock codes to randomly selected UniquePhones supporters.  The stronger your support, the more likely you are to win.

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Wireless Usage and Roaming Survey – support the unlocking industry



Cellfservices Wireless Usage and Roaming Survey – Are we ripping ourselves off?

On May 22, 2009, Cellfservices took a survey on wireless usage and travel. The wireless carriers are not to blame since they are doing their job, running a successful business. But what are we doing to ourselves? Is this sign true? Are we ripping ourselves off? Let’s find out…

After some extensive research, approximately 70% of cell phone users in Asia are using unlocked phones. In Europe, approximately 80% use unlocked mobile devices. Finally, North America is in last place with a whopping 5% of unlocked cell phone users. Bloggers, theorists as well as tech gurus think that it’s primarily because wireless phone providers in North America provide massive subsidies on hardware in return for an extension of their contract. Makes sense doesn’t it? Another interesting fact: people in Europe and Asia are more willing than North Americans to spend $600-$700+ USD on unlocked mobile devices, while we’re a little more hesitant. So what’s stopping us from purchasing a $20-$60 unlock code to give us mobile freedom when traveling?

Here are the answers that I’ve heard from some clients, friends and the random end users I meet in coffee shops etc. Underneath, I’ve left my own comments.
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Unlocking a BlackBerry Storm – some interesting facts


blackberry storm

Sam from Cellfservices sent me a great email explaining some of the process behind unlocking a BlackBerry Storm. The following comes from his email to me:

When unlocking a BlackBerry Storm, the unlock process will only unlock the GSM portion of the phone. Because the Storm is Tri-Band, it allows users to use the GSM network in their own country as well.

The dual-band Blackberry 8830s will only work in Asia and Europe. We are able to unlock those as well and have unlocked hundreds of them , but it is a bit more of an arduous project. For example, Verizon masks the last digit of their IMEI always as zero on their 8830s, so we have to read the file through a shared usb program. Most of our international users are willing to do that, but I find that most North American end users do not want to go through the trouble when they can’t even use it in their own home country.

Also, CDMA can be unlocked through programming, but not through code. Most CDMA service providers (Sprint, Verizon, Bell, Telus) will not allow users to use phones outside of their own network since it needs to be manually activated by a representative.

Another interesting fact to note, is that TELUS and Bell definitely will not allow an unlock. Apparently, in the USA, people were changing Sprint ESNs to take over old Verizon ESNs so they could technically ‘mask’ what phone they were using. I’m not sure why, but people would only go from Sprint to Verizon, and not the other way around. To my best knowledge, changing the ESN on a phone is illegal in all North American countries. What the people are saying is: ”Verizon knew, but they didn’t care.”

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Unlock your BlackBerry at great discount prices


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