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RIM’s “Operation Disruptive Transformation” is a Marketing Consultant


Operation Disruptive Transformation

We were sent over this presentation and at first glance it looks really obvious. We know RIM is talking about a transformation publicly and internally and this document seems less like something that was discussed internally and more a presentation to some RIM team members by an outside marketing firm. The slides are marked with John J Simpson, and there’s a marketing professional on LinkedIn with that same name. Sure, RIM has had some poor looking slides in the past, but this seems to high-level and obvious to be something that would be passed around or demonstrated internally.

We know RIM often has marketing people come present to them and this seems like one of those presentations. For example, RIM recently had Scott Stratten of UnMarketing go to its Waterloo office to give a presentation on how to market the company effectively. It’s normal for a large company to have guest speakers to present ideas that may or may not be used internally. This just looks like one of those presentations and the author is passing it around like a leaked document to try and drum up interest for his own career. Anyways, that’s our thought on it. More slides if you click through.
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