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Register Today! Untether.TV Launches Toronto Mobile Conference Untether.Talks [Ticket Discounts Too]


The guys at Untether.TV are taking their mobile experience and entrepreneur interviews to “a whole ‘nuther level” with a conference in Toronto called Untether.Talks. The conference is centered around themes that are directly impacted by mobile such as art & creation, civic engagement & government, currency & cash, education & learning, health, media, retail & pricing, and social. If you’re in the mobile industry, or one that is in need of mobile disruption, you should definitely register for the conference.
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SmrtGuard’s Founder and CEO Rob Kao Talks BlackBerry Shield


We’ve talked about SmrtGuard a lot here on BlackBerryCool and I’ve personally met their CEO Rob Kao on a number of occasions at conferences and in New York. He’s a true entrepreneur with a lot of interesting things to say about BlackBerry and business in general.

From Rob’s post on Untether.TV:

Rob Kao is an entrepreneur — make no mistake about that. He took what was a limitation in the BlackBerry world and built a product to fill the void. All this during the worst global recession since, well, ever.

The first thing that struck me about Rob and his story is the absolute resolve he has at making a product that changes with the needs of his customers and partners. The second is the tireless effort that he has expended over the past 14 months building SMRTGuard into a fledgling and respected player in the data protection business on BlackBerry and Android.

I’m not sure if Rob thought of himself as an entrepreneur before this venture but it is easy to see that he has been bitten by this affliction and life as he knew it is over. Welcome to the club buddy!

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What’s Cool in BlackBerry with BlackBerryCool and Untether.TV


Okay, so the name isn’t great, I know. Rob and I came up with it 2 seconds before the Skype call, but it’s the content that’s important. Here at BlackBerryCool we come across a lot of apps and we thought it would be fun to do a weekly “what’s cool” in BlackBerry. This week, a lot of the app news came from RIM, and what better time to elaborate on the editorial “Should RIM Be Developing First Party Applications?“.

This is the first in a series so forgive the low production value. If we get enough viewers, we’ll start filming in IMAX.

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Interview with Tristan Interactive’s CEO Chris McLaren at Untether.TV


In the latest interview by Rob Woodbridge of Untether.tv, we get a look at a new company called Tristan Interactive. Tristan’s CEO Chris McLaren talks about his past and what led to the creation of this startup.

Tristan Interactive is an interesting company that is partnering with museums and galleries to build custom tour environments that go far beyond the typical self-guided tours. These tours are powered by a platform they call Autour. According to Tristan:

Autour is a platform for creating interactive museum guides for mobile devices, including iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry. Autour provides museums a complete technology solution to create, manage, and deploy multimedia content on over 40 types of mobile devices (and growing.)

The autour platform offers the most on-device features, the lowest operating costs, and fastest time to market of any interactive multimedia solution – significantly superior to both traditional rental devices and in-house software solutions.

In this interview, Rob and Chris talk about the Tristan, the challenges of creating apps for multiple platforms, and the history of carrier billing. Definitely worth watching.

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Interviews with Wireless Industry Players by Rove CEO at Untether.TV


Introduction by Rob Woodbridge

Rob Woodbridge, President & CEO of Rove, has been interviewing wireless industry players for Untether.TV, a site that aims to bring to light the great successes, failures and lessons in order to help move the innovation needle forward in mobility/wireless. It’s always interesting to see entrepreneurs talk to other entrepreneurs, and I think there is a lot of value here, especially for anyone currently working on a startup.
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