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Blaq Twitter Client for the PlayBook Updated with Lots of Features and Fixes


blaq for the playbook

One of the best things about a tablet is simply reading. The form factor is perfect for reading eBooks, keeping up with the news or scrolling through a Twitter timeline. One of our favorite Twitter clients for the PlayBook is Blaq and the app has recently been updated with a host of features and fixes. One of the best features is being able to manage multiple accounts. The app costs $1.99 but the update is free.

Grab a copy of Blaq from App World at this link. You can also hit the jump and read more about the specific features.
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PocketDay Updated to Version 7.1 with Social Integration and More



The developers behind PocketDay let us know that the app has been updated to version 7.1 (exclusively for OS 5 and OS 6). The latest version adds Facebook integration, and they have discontinued the personal edition of PocketDay and now offer the Professional version at a new cost of $9.95. For those who haven’t heard of the app, PocketDay is a Today Screen on steroids. The app gives you immediate access to important streams of content such as calendar events, RSS, weather and more. In the latest version, features include:
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Foursquare for BlackBerry Gets Updated: Lots of Tweaks but No BBM Integration Yet


foursquare BBM Social
Above is Foursquare with BBM. Not yet but hopefully soon.

When we saw Foursquare back at BBWC, we saw the app with BBM integration and it looked pretty sweet. Apparently, it only took a couple days for them to implement since one of the developers already had experience with the BBM platform. We’re looking forward to when that version of the app gets released and in the meantime there’s an Alpha update with lots of small tweaks and the addition of Specials 2.0.

We’re not exactly sure what Specials 2.0 is, but it’s probably something like what Foursquare implemented with version 3.0 of the Android app. This version of specials gives more options to vendors, and opens the doors to new deals such as Flash Specials. Flash Specials are the typical door buster deals – to the first people who arrive after a certain time. More about the new specials at the Foursquare blog.

In this latest version of Foursquare for BlacKBerry, you’ll find:
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Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 Updated in Beta Zone with OS 5.0+ Support and More


facebook version 2

Facebook version 2.0 has been updated in the Beta Zone and it includes support for OS 5 and above, as well as enhancements to Facebook Chat and more. Specifically, updates include:

Facebook Chat

  • Know when a friend is typing a message by the visual cue of “is typing a message”
  • Filter Online Contacts to quickly find a specific friend and start a Chat message.
  • Mutual Friends and Friends List

  • Discover which friends you have in common with other users via the Info tab on Profiles (dependent on Privacy Settings of the user).
  • Enhanced integration with BlackBerry native apps

  • Click on PINs, Phone Numbers, and email addresses displayed in Wall posts, messages or the Info tab, to perform the respective action (e.g., place a call) or save the information to your BlackBerry Contacts application
  • To download the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry, head over to the Beta Zone.

    BlackBerry Podcasts App Updated to Version 1.5 for North America


    podcast app

    The BlackBerry Podcasts app has been updated to version 1.5 for North America. The app is pretty decent but there are a lot of third party apps for listening to podcasts already available. In this latest version, new features include:

    • Addition of a preview or play option while the podcast is downloading
    • Web podcast searching with integrated Google search
    • Improved content presentation within categories: the first 40 listings in each category will be “featured content,” a combination of the most popular feeds and RIM-programmed feeds

    To download the latest version of the Podcasts app, head over to blackberry.com/podcasts. You can also read more about it on Inside BlackBerry.

    BlackBerry App World to Receive an “Update All” Feature - Would You Use It?


    blackberry app update

    An “Update All” feature would be interesting for App World as it would allow you to update all your applications with a single click. Currently, you can do this by plugging in your device to your computer by USB, but the over-the-air version would allow you to do it on the go. The only problem with this feature is that App World still cripples your device when you update an application. A single app update leaves the clock on your homescreen spinning and one can only imagine what would happen if the device had to update 10 applications at once.

    This upcoming feature comes in a somewhat rumor form from MobileMonday in Toronto.