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MyCaption announces free upgrade – better UI and more functions



MyCaption is a voice to text service for BlackBerry that blends with your email, calendar, contacts, tasks and memos. The accuracy of the voice recognition technology is really impressive, even for long emails.

The company have just announced a upgrade for the product, available to all existing customers. New users can get a brief free trial too. Like previous versions, the new version works with nearly all BlackBerry models running OS 4.2.1+, including the BlackBerry Curve, Storm, Bold, Pearl and 8800.

Here are some highlights:

  • For BlackBerry Storm users, a new UI with bigger buttons makes it easier to operate the voice recorder. You can hold the Storm and operate the recorder with two thumbs, in either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Support for convenience key is now much more extensive. You can program it to select one of four options. You can compose a new email, or compose one of three PIM items — a task, memo or an appointment — without even looking at your BlackBerry. With a single click, you can record your voice. Another click, and you are done.
  • Support for secure HTTP and BlackBerry Enterprise Server is included. BES users have to simply set a “Use BES” flag to “Yes”.
  • Another helpful feature of this app is the option to “Review before Send”. After you dictate your email — up to 3 minutes long — you can review it, make corrections and changes, and then send it off. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your email will be delivered 100% the way you intended.

    I’ve personally used this application for several articles on BlackBerry Cool, including to get transcripts of interviews. If you’re looking to do any significant amount of typing on your device, it’s best to start with this application, and get the lion’s share of the work done fast and efficiently.

    MyCaption is available for $10 or on a free trial.


    Easy travel planning from your BlackBerry with Tripit Pro



    Tripit is a simplified and easy to use travel planning system. Travelers simply forward their travel confirmation emails and TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary that combines all their travel plans plus weather, maps, restaurants and more.

    Today, Tripit Pro has been announced. The premium service is designed for frequent travelers, and features a collection of time-saving travel functionality. Some of the major upgrades include:

    • Mobile Alerts – Receive the latest info about flights delays, cancellations, connections, gate changes, baggage claim and more, on any mobile device, for any airline regardless of where the flight was booked.

    • Alternate Flights – Get unbiased re-booking options for any flight delays or cancelations, including flight status and available seats, across all available airlines.

    • Point Tracker – Keep track of frequent traveler accounts, balances and expirations, all in one place.

    • Inner Circle – Identify key people, like an administrative assistant or spouse, who get automatic access to every trip.

    TripIt is inviting travelers to try TripIt Pro free for 30 days.

    The standard price is $99 per year but travelers who join by July 31 will lock in a charter price of only $49 per year, a 50% discount. Charter members of TripIt Pro will never pay more than $49 per year.