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US Department of Defense Okays BlackBerry 10 Lineup


The DoD has tested and approved The BlackBerry Z10, Q10, PlayBook 2.0 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for secure use on DoD networks. The agency is the largest employer in the world with over 2.13 servicemen and civilians. Continue reading ‘US Department of Defense Okays BlackBerry 10 Lineup’

BlackBerry Announces New US TV Content for BlackBerry 10 Launch


BlackBerry has announced the availability of new television content for US customers of the all-new BlackBerry Z10. The new shows come by way of deals with PBS, Univision and Viacom and include shows from Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Downton Abbey, and Spanish soap operas. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry Announces New US TV Content for BlackBerry 10 Launch’

T-Mobile and MetroPCS Merge in 1.5 Billion Dollar Deal


A year after being successfully blocked by the FCC, T-Mobile will be merging with MetroPCS. Combined the two mobile carriers now have a user base of 42.5 million making them the USA’s 4th largest mobile carrier.
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Reminder: BBM Hackathon in Boston November 3rd and 4th


Not too long ago we covered the BBM Hackathon in NYC and it was a great start to what would become a global series of events. The hackathon brings together developers who have an idea for an app, or would like to build an app, and can collaborate with other developers to get their app completed. It’s also a great motivator, as you can leave the event with an app that could begin to generate you some dollars. More details after the jump.
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First Look At The US Military’s Smartphone and Desktop App Store


The US Military is making a bold and impressive move by creating a smartphone and desktop app store for soldiers. The app store will be called the Army Marketplace and it will feature applications for both smartphones and desktop computers to help soldiers and new recruits. The app marketplace will also feature an agile software development process, where requests are put in for apps and developers can respond to the request and choose to build.

The main problem the app store is facing right now is device authentication. BlackBerry is the only smartphone certified to handle government data, and it can really only carry mail. The IT policies generally shut out all applications, and according to Lt. Col. Gregory Motes, chief of the Army’s new Mobile Applications Branch, “we don’t have a solution for authenticating applications or secure websites.” If a smartphone were to win authentication for apps, it would surely be a BlackBerry with policies that allow certain types of applications and block features that could reveal secure data.
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Mobile web usage on the up


graph-up.jpgBango released a report today on mobile web usage, revealing the U.S. has tripled its numbers in the last year.

According to Bango data, the top five countries accessing the mobile web via Bango in April 2007 are the UK at 27%, the US at 21%, South Africa at 11%, India at 9% and Indonesia at 3%.

Not that India needs any more wireless news, but apparently 9% of all mobile page views come from India, and is rising at a rate set to overtake Europe’s in a couple of years. The report highlights flat data rates as a big push factor for mobile web browsing, and forecasts a drop in flat data rates in the US in order to remain competitive, not that we’d ever suggest that there’s something wrong Canadian rates.