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BlackBerry Storm User Guide Leaks


BlackBerry Storm User Guide

If RIM were a ship right now, they’d be sinking faster than the Titanic due to all the BlackBerry Storm leaks that happened this weekend (I’m glad next week is Thanksgiving, yeesh). On top of everything else that has been released about the BlackBerry Storm in the past 72 hours, the Boy Genius was also able to get his hands on the BlackBerry Storm user guide. Here’s a brief rundown of everything that’s discussed:

– Using Music (Playing Music, Creating Playlists)
— Recording a Video
— Using the Camera (Taking Pictures, Sending and Receiving Pictures)
— Using Voice Notes
— Using GPS (Finding and Tracking Locations, Using BlackBerry Maps)
— Using Manage Connections
— Home Screens
— Contacts, Calendars and Tasks
— Browser Features (First Browser Screen, Bookmarks)
— Phone Screen and Active Call Screen
— KeyBoards

It looks like BoyGeniusReport.com can’t handle the traffic load, so we’ve reposted all the slides after the jump. Enjoy!

(via BGR)

BlackBerry Storm User Guide