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SmartSig Places Email Signatures in Their Correct Place


email signature

Ever noticed how BlackBerrys put the BIS email signature at the very bottom of an email chain? That isn’t helpful for anyone. With SmartSig, you won’t have this problem. SmartSig lets you create your email signature in SmartSig and it will place the signature in the proper location in outgoing emails, which is right at the end of the message body you are sending. Other features of SmartSig 2.0 include:

  • Create, edit, and delete email signatures directly on your device.
  • Automatically places the correct email signature in the proper location within your outgoing email messages.
    Signature conditions can be added to test the To, CC, BCC, From, Subject or Message Body for the presence or lack of keywords.
  • Signature can require that all conditions be met or that any condition be met in order to apply the signature.
  • Backup and restore your signatures using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  • Enable and disable individual signatures.
  • Support for all BlackBerry 4.5 and higher devices, including BlackBerry 6.

SmartSig is available in the store for a reasonable $2.99 and even comes with a free trial.

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Antennagate Utility Measures Radio Signal and ‘Death Grip’ Scenarios


Antennagate utility

Last week we wrote about a signal measuring app from Xtreme Labs that was launched in response to the claims made by Apple that the Bold 9700 and other smartphones have antenna issues. Hayes.mobi has launched its BlackBerry radio monitoring utility called Antennagate, which has some great features to help you get a better picture of your radio’s status. Antennagate produces a chart that refreshes over a specified time interval so you have a visual representation of what is going on with your radio signal.

Features of the Antennagate app include:

  • Track antenna signal over time
  • Carrier antenna signal
  • WiFi antenna signal
  • Customizable refresh interval
  • Customizable display options
  • Screenshots
  • Use to find best reception indoors
  • Use to test “Death Grip”

Check out the Antennagate app by hayes.mobi in our store.

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Mobholic Updated with More BlackBerry Usage Tracking Features


mobholic update

Mobholic is a fun app that lets you track your BlackBerry usage. The app has recently been updated with new features for tracking your stats, as well as a host of bug fixes. This app is turning out nicely and since the developers are students, it’s always good to support the community.

New features include:

  • New website with 3D charts.
  • Charts accessible also from the mobile app
  • Ranking per Email Sending/ Receiving / Deleting
  • Ranking per words typed in your Email.
  • Ranking per distance traveled with your BlackBerry (if mobile phone supports GPS)
  • Top Movers in the last 24 hours ranking.

Mobholic is available in App World for $2.99. While buying the application some might still fall on the old version of Mobholic due to an App World bug that is still not fixed since December. Email the developers support line and they’ll give you the updated version with proof of purchase.

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15 Free BlackBerry Apps: BatteryWatch, DataBackup, RestartMe and More


S4BB let us know that they have over 15 apps that are free and worth checking out. The apps range from games such as BlackHole, to utilities for your device such as BatteryWatch. Hit after the jump for a list of these must-try free BlackBerry apps.
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What’s New in BlackBerry App World This Week?


Each week there are a lot of apps submitted to App World and I thought I would give a quick breakdown of what’s available this week. I’m avoiding themes in this roundup because they tend to clutter the app list, and many of them simply aren’t worth downloading. Check after the jump for what’s new in App World.
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Fixmo Tools Updated with Meeting Scheduler, Speedtest and More


Fixmo Tools is a single app that is comprised of many smaller utility apps. Described as a utility belt for your smartphone, Fixmo Tools has a wide range of utilities to help your smartphone be even smarter.

Previously, the app featured the ability to:

  • Undelete emails, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks and memos.
  • Warn you of potentially embarassing email mistakes such as Reply All when you didn’t mean to.
  • Go into silent mode during scheduled events.
  • Check memory and battery status.
  • Forward emails with the ability to edit.

In version 1.1, you now have the ability to:

  • Easily arrange a meeting by automatically selecting available times on your calendar and inserting them into an email.
  • Measure the download and upload speeds of your network.
  • Set a different LED color for phone calls so you can easily distinguish them from other message alerts.
  • Enable radio support when your battery level is very low.

Fixmo Tools is available for $9.99 until May 6th, after which it goes up to $19.99.

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