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Don Lindsay, RIM VP of UX, Gives A Brief History of BlackBerry 10’s “Peek” Feature


During the keynotes at BlackBerry Jam Americas, Don Lindsay took the stage to talk about BlackBerry 10’s User Experience and Interface design. Lindsay has an interesting background as he was Design Director at Microsoft Live Labs and Design Director of Mac OS User Experience Group at Apple. If RIM is going to have a competitive smartphone user experience, he’s definitely the man to help get the job done. Lindsay explained the origins of Peek and it’s a really cool story.
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Got an App Idea? Try Prototyping Your App With Keynotopia


One of the great things about the mobile industry is that people are constantly coming up with new app ideas. How often have you encountered an everyday life problem and thought: “I should make an app that solves this problem.”? Keynotopia is a new startup that lets you create prototypes with simple drag and drop tools, and even lets you test your app. More info after the break.
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Another Ottawa Firm Working with RIM on Future User Interface Designs


It’s surprising how the City of Ottawa is making headway with RIM’s UX for the PlayBook and upcoming devices. When we first wrote about Teknision, the company responsible for much of the UX work, it seemed people were pretty stunned that it wasn’t TAT, the design firm that RIM is constantly touting in its press releases. It seems another Ottawa company, YOU i Labs, a company that helped work on the HTC Sense UI, has entered in a “significant partnership” with RIM. YOU i Labs works closely with Teknision, as seen in the above video.

Perhaps Ottawa is on the right path to reclaiming the Silicon Valley North title.

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Interview with Teknision and the Story of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook UX


Watch an interview with Teknision’s Presidet, Gabor Vida.

When we first wrote about Teknision, and their involvement in the PlayBook UX, the article got a ton of exposure because it was thought that RIM’s acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) meant that they were solely responsible for the UX. Since then, I have sat down with Teknision’s President Gabor Vida, to talk about Teknision as a company, its involvement in the PlayBook, and a little about their thoughts on design. We also discuss why we haven’t heard more about this company.

One thing that became really obvious to me about UX design for a product like the PlayBook, is that the average consumer has very little idea how many companies, people and design iterations it will come across before it gets to market. Before Teknision or TAT got a hold of the PlayBook, there was another company called Artefact that briefly touched the tablet as well.
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