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Vote in the V CAST Apps: Power Your Apps Contest


Verizon app contest

Verizon is running the V CAST: Power Your Apps contest and you can vote for your favorite app directly from your device. Developers from around the US are competing to be featured as the customer favorite in Verizon Wireless retails stores and on the Media Store online. Vote for your favorite app by trying and rating it in V CAST Apps. The app with the highest cumulative rating wins.

Here’s how to vote:

1. Open the V CAST Apps application (assuming it’s compatible with your device.
2. Look for the V CAST Apps icon VCAST icon
3. Accept the Terms and Conditions and continue to the V CAST Apps menu.
4. Open the “Apps Contest” category and download one or more of the apps that you like best.
5. Launch and rate your downloaded apps from the My Apps folder.
6. Once you rate your apps, your vote has been recorded.
Hit the jump to check out the 5 finalists:
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