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UnderCoverTourist.com Launches Wait Time Apps For Florida Theme Park Rides


UndercoverTourist.com has developed a couple of useful apps for people taking a vacation to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. Disney World Wait Times and Universal Studios Wait Times are free apps that help users decide what rides to line up for based on the expected wait time.

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Datepedia v.1.0.3 for BlackBerry Curve 83xx, 88xx Series Reviewed!



Looking for… oh… what’s it called again? Oh yea… no… lost it. Wait! Some application to help you remember really important events and holidays? Datepedia by Mobatech will help you do just that.

Datepedia is a neat little app that lets you export various events and holidays to your calendar, whether it be native to your country, your religion, or your preferred sports league. Yup, the makers of Mobile Bartender – another cool app that includes over 200 drink recipes and duly encourages my drinking and forgetfulness – have created an app that can combat even the worst of hangovers. If you’ve got too big a headache to remember the newly created Family Day, Datepedia may be the one thing that vindicates your playing hooky.

Datepedia v.1.0.3 for BlackBerry Curve 83xx / 88xx Series Review Quick Links


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Wish you were here


RIMHey guys, just thought you should know that I’ll be on vacation for two weeks out by Lake Huron. Should be back on August 7th. On the way, I swung by to visit some family down in Waterloo, Ontario, RIM’s home turf. Even at 9:30 PM their campus still had folks coming and going. There wasn’t enough time for the full tour, but odds are I’ll be in the neighbourhood again soon. Until I get back to BBCool HQ, the illustrious Doug Soltys will be bringing you the daily highlights.

Two snaps of RIM’s HQ behind the jump.