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InTouchApp for BlackBerry: Making Contact Management Easy


InTouchApp by Volare Technologies has just arrived on BlackBerry 10. Now supporting all BlackBerry OSes, InTouchApp helps to backup and restore contacts as well as synchronize your address book and a handy auto update feature.
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Mobile Tag’s mobile barcode linking service debuts for BlackBerry


French 2d barcode company Mobile Tag announced new Mobile Tag barcode reading software for BlackBerry. The software uses the BlackBerry Bold’s video recording features to actively sample the barcode and process the tag’s info. Other BlackBerry models use their camera feature and require the user to “snap” a barcode scan. Contact tags are used to securely exchange contact info. Web tags are used for promotion from billboards, magazines and web pages, providing more info, and even managing virtual coupons.

To Download Mobile Tag for BlackBerry, visit their PC download page, or BIS 2.4 features posted on RIM knowledgebase


RIMJibi has spotted a hint on the forums of the BlackBerry Internet Service v.2.4 features list on RIM’s knowledgebase. Highlights include vCard, MP3, PDF and RTF support, improved Yahoo! mail sync, delivery and read receipts, as well as wireless message deletion. Hmm, a lot of these sound like they were supposed to be in 2.3, weren’t they? Rumor has it we’ll be seeing the upgrade released before the end of the month.

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vCardMaster 2.0 released


RolodexvCardMaster has released the newest version of their contact information management software, packing a few new tricks. Anyone tossing around contacts this way and that via BlackBerry probably knows a thing or two about vCards, and the BlackBerry can only do so much on its own. With vCardMaster, you can attach calender entries, tasks, and contact details to an email, along with allowing you to import contacts and appointments to your address book via vCalendar and iCalendar formats.. Pearl users are out of luck on this one, but if you’re interested, BBCool’s recently-revamped store is offering the package for $29.99.